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{{DUNGEON infobox
{{DUNGEON infobox
| name = Amaluk Valley Cave
| name = Amaluk Valley Cave
| connects = [[Gazluk]]
| connects = [[Gazluk]], [[Fae Realm]]
| arealevel= 60 - 70
| arealevel= 60 - 70
| pmapdesc=
| pmapdesc=

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Amaluk Valley Cave
Amaluk Valley Cave (map).png
Map of Amaluk Valley Cave (click for larger size)
Connects to
Area Level
60 - 70
Amaluk Valley CavePlayerMap.png

The Amaluk Valley Cave, also known as the Tower View Cave, is a cave system in central Gazluk.

Points of Interest

Treasure Chests

There are three treasure chests located in this cave. Chests can be looted once every 24 hours.

Strange Chest

Trying to open an oddly glowing chest will transport the player to the Fae Realm.


Throughout the dungeon, small ponds can be found containing fish.

Amaluk Valley Cave Inhabitants