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== Events ==
===== Winter Celebration =====
|RiShin Friends =
|RiShin Family = {{Item|Recall Stone}} x5
== Conversations ==
[[Category:NPCs]][[Category:Ilmari NPCs]][[Category:Elven]][[Category:Skill Trainer]][[Category:Dead Wife]]
[[Category:NPCs]][[Category:Ilmari NPCs]][[Category:Elven]][[Category:Skill Trainer]][[Category:Dead Wife]]

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Scowling and gesticulating.
Near oasis.
Beast Speak:
[[Category:Ilmari NPCs]]

We're closed! Rakkies ruined everything. Go away.

Arlan is a male Elf living in a small outpost in the Ilmari Desert. Around twenty years ago, Arlan and his wife Bonnie tried to open a boutique near a small oasis. It was planned to be called "Bonnie's Hot Springs." He claims that the resident Rakshasa went insane and killed Bonnie. For these past twenty years, Arlan has been wandering the world, only returning to the boutique recently.

To unlock the Shop, you must kill The Geyser Slug (this grants +100 favor).


Towards the central Oasis, between the portal to Kur Mountains and the town of Amulna.

Items Purchased [view/edit]

  • Food
  • Transumtation/Augmentation-related items
  • Potions

Spending Limits [view/edit]

Favor Level Cap Per Item Weekly Pool
Neutral 0 0
Comfortable 200 10,000
Friends 400? 20,000
Close Friends 800 40,000
Best Friends 1300 65,000
Like Family 1800 90,000
Soul Mates 2100 105,000

Small Talk [view/edit]

  • Loves Skulls of All Types Hint
  • Loves Brains of All Types
  • Loves Dragon Scales Hint


Unlock Armor Patching lv 51-60 and 61-70


 605 gold councils   [Neutral] 
 7 gold councils 
 1 gold councils 
 80 gold councils 
 2000 gold councils 

Hang Out

Help Arlan clean up the hot springs area (5 hours)

Brainstorm a business plan for Arlan's shop (2 hours)

Let Arlan reminisce about his dead wife (1 hour) [Comfortable]


Winter Celebration
[Friends] Favor -
[Like Family] Favor - x5