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== Gallery ==
== Gallery ==
[[File:Serbule Gallery 2.jpg|300px|]]
[[File:Serbule Gallery 2.jpg|300px|]]
[[Category:Dungeons]][[Category:Serbule Dungeons]]
[[Category:Dungeons]][[Category:Serbule Dungeons]]

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File:Borghild (map).png
Map of Borghild (click for larger size)
Connects to
Area Level
40 - 45
Map by BetaNotus (5/19)

Borghild is an ancient burial site. Twenty years ago, the Duke of Serbule led an adventuring team into it, but never returned.

— Loading Screen

Borghild, also known as the Deathrap Dungeon is accessed through the giant gate in the northeast past of Serbule. Look for a crack on the left side of the door to get in.

Fifteen centuries ago, Borghild was a Dwarven city-fortress. After the Dwarves abandoned it, Humans, Orcs, Hags, more Dwarves, and beasts took up residence inside for periods of time. Now... it's filled with ghosts. Around 500 years ago, the Dwarves controlled Borghild again. Twenty years ago, the Duke of Serbule adventured into the massive tomb, and died there.

This dungeon is challenging due to different type of dangerous enemies which can all gang on you at a moment's notice. The Faces of Death move slowly but will kill you instantly once they are in contact. They have to be dealt with at range. Injector Bugs use a powerful poison attack, so you have to stun them or control their rage or keep them at range. Greedy Ghosts have to be stunned once before they take any significant damage.

Leonard Allenson has a little blue tent set up in Serbule, very close to the entrance of Borghild. Be sure to pick up his quests, since they can be completed inside this dungeon.

While looting the chests inside the dungeon, be forwarned that 6 of the 7 chests are boobytrapped. When you open them mobs will spawn and you will be frozen in place. Be ready to take out your enemies. Possibly with some ranged attacks.

Points of Interest

Main hall

In the central court are old caskets which can be looted for Bone Meal, and various Skulls.

Lower floor

At the opposite end of the first room is a locked door, which states:

Try as you might, you cannot open the door, because the lower floor hasn't been Implemented yet.


Lowest level of this dungeon has a boss named "Venenae" who drops a very nice "Harness of Poisons" with spider requirements. while you're in there check out the book shelf on the north wall for some blacksmith scrolls.





Serbule Gallery 2.jpg