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Since Project Gorgon first became available to players, individuals and groups in the community have worked to create special events for others to enjoy. This page is not a comprehensive list.

Repeating events

Poetry Jam

Soon after the Poetry Podium for Poetry Appreciation and Oratory was introduced to the game, players began to figure out the best options for taking advantage of the review system poetry offered. A weekly, weekend event was created, spearheaded by the user Matzur and several others. Eventually, Teloch and the Guild:Priests of Arisetsu took over the responsibility of running the events. Organization of the event was passed to Guild:Rowen Trading in August 2019.

Guild Garden Party

A weekly Sunday event organized by Guild:Rowen Trading

Unique events

Teleportation Chain

Organized by Guild:Priests of Arisetsu and Guild:Asheron's Legacy. During this weekend event, members of both guilds linked Teleportation portals across Alharth, allowing a large group of players access to almost every teleport pad in the game, to gain binding experience.

Sunday Funday

Organized by Guild:Priests of Arisetsuand Guild:Asheron's Legacy

Priests' Anniversary

Organized by Guild:Priests of Arisetsu

Encyclopedic Records Recovery

On April 1st, 2017, members of Guild:Chosen of Norala organized a scavenger hunt to recover the The Grand Encyclopedic Records of Alharth and Surrounding Regions, a player-created book hidden somewhere in the game (stolen by Goblins). Other players spent five hours searching for guild members with clues scattered across the land, ultimately discovering the missing book inside one of the towers of Eltibule Keep. To encourage participation, this wiki was partially unavailable until the book was recovered.