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This quest is a level 30 Druidic Emergency occurring in Serbule with multiple variations depending on the number of Druids online at the start of the event. Druids will receive the Druidic Emergency debuff, granting +10% Base Druid Damage while blocking earned combat experience, crafting experience, and combat wisdom. This debuff stays until the event has been completed.


To participate in this quest, the player must be a Druid. An hour before the beginning of the event, all Druids will receive a Druidic Premonition indicating the coming of a Druidic Emergency.


Druids, assemble in Serbule immediately. Multiple kraken eggs have been spotted there, along with several young adults. Krakens are not indigenous to this continent and represent a terrible threat to nature. Defeat them now, before they become the size of cities!


Expected Participants: 10

  • Kill 2 Young Krakens
  • Kill 15 Kraken Eggs and Hatchlings

Expected Participants: 20

  • Kill 4 Young Krakens
  • Kill 30 Kraken Eggs and Hatchlings

Expected Participants: 30

  • Kill 8 Young Krakens
  • Kill 60 Kraken Eggs and Hatchlings


Rewards for The Krakens Are Hatching!

Good work, my druids. The kraken incursion seems to be over. Just clean up any loose ends and then return to your peaceful lives with Dreva's blessing.

  • Dreva's Blessings (Druidic Currency)