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Dungeons are where quests take place, bosses reside, and high level gear is obtained from. Dungeons are generally harder than most other content in the game and provide some of the best rewards.

No Instancing

As of the alpha dungeons are not instanced which really sets apart this game from current "modern" MMOs. Whether you are soloing or teaming up with fellow players, the experience is of one shared world which creates stronger social interactions between players.


Loot on all enemies (except Elites) is also not instanced, meaning once somebody loots a corpse the loot is gone. This can cause a little grief sometimes but keep in mind the loot is plentiful and enemies respawn very quickly!

Consider not burying corpses in dungeons. In theory leaving corpses behind should make them respawn a little slower, which can help when soloing. In a group, please remember that burying a corpse gets rid of the loot. If you don't want loot on a corpse, leave it so another player may loot it.


Veteran MMO players will remember the infamous trains from classic MMO EverQuest. A "train" happens when a player flees danger in a dungeon, and the enemies chasing the player come in sight of other unsuspecting players who are then attacked. This problem is fairly minimal at present in Project: Gorgon because the enemies don't pursue very far, but be aware that the mechanics allow for it. Don't be angry at other players! It is simply the mechanics of the game, and it could be argued it makes things a little more... interesting. As there is no experience penalty and also no loss of levels in the game (so far), a train will at worst cause your character to respawn in the entrance of the dungeon.

Dungeon Progression

Dungeon Level Connects to Bosses
Amaluk Valley Cave 60 - 70 Gazluk, Fae Realm
Anagoge Records Facility 5 - 10 Anagoge, Serbule Hills Spider Cave
      Animal Nexus 30 - 35 Eltibule
      Boarded up Basement 35 - 45 Eltibule
      Borghild 40 - 45 Serbule
      Brain Bug Cave 10 - 15 Serbule
      Carpal Tunnels 25 - 35 Serbule
      Crystal Cavern 15 - 20 Serbule
      Dark Chapel 40 - 50 Eltibule
      Dungeons by Area
      Eltibule Crypt 20 - 30 Eltibule
      Gazluk Keep 70+ Gazluk
      Goblin Dungeon 20 - 40 Eltibule
      Kur Tower 35 - 45 Kur Mountains, Necromancer's Courtyard
          Labyrinth 55 - 65 Ilmari
          Myconian Cave 25 - 35 Serbule
          Necromancer's Courtyard 40 - 50 Kur Tower
            No-Name Cave 60 - 70 Gazluk
            • None
            Rahu Sewer 60 Rahu
              Ranalon Den 15 - 20 Serbule Hills
                  Serbule Crypt 15 - 30 Serbule, Serbule Sewers
                  Serbule Hills Spider Cave 5 - 10 Anagoge Records Facility, Serbule Hills
                      Serbule Sewers 5 - 10 Serbule, Serbule Crypt
                      • None
                      Snowblood Shadow Cave 60 - 70 Gazluk
                          War Caches 50 - 60 Ilmari
                          Windy View Cave 60 - 70 Gazluk
                              Winter Nexus 40 - 50 Sun Vale,Fae Realm
                                Wolf Cave 40 - 50 Kur Mountains
                                Yeti Cave 35 - 50 Kur Mountains