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; At Friends
[[Echur]] rewards his close aquaintances with items and knowledge.
: Teaches [[Mentalism]].
{{Spoiler|Reward at {{Favor|Friends}}:|
; At Close Friends receive [[Echur's Boots]]
:Teaches [[Mentalism]].
; At Best Friends
: Teaches [[Cranium Balm]] recipe.
{{Spoiler|Reward at {{Favor|Close Friends}}:|
:Gives {{Item|Echur's Boots}}.
{{Spoiler|Reward at {{Favor|Best Friends}}:|
:Teaches {{Item|Cranium Balm}} recipe.
==Hang Out==
==Hang Out==

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His mind seems far away.
near Serbule Keep's garden
Beast Speak:
Speaks With:
Skill Trainer:

Hello again, friend. I'm meditating right now; did you need anything urgently? If not, sit down and meditate with me.

Echur is a martial artist who specializes in Unarmed and Mentalism abilities. He also has a certain interest in mind-altering compounds...


He stands by the Meditation Pillar in the south area of town.
Echur, standing in front of the Meditation Pillar in Serbule right next to the stone archway entrance to Therese.

Small Talk [view/edit]

  • Likes Gems Hint
  • Likes Flowers
  • Likes Books
  • Loves Drugs [Friends] Hint


 225 councils 
 225 councils 
 225 councils 



Echur rewards his close aquaintances with items and knowledge.

Reward at [Friends]:

Teaches Mentalism.

Reward at [Close Friends]:

Gives .

Reward at [Best Friends]:

Teaches recipe.

Hang Out

Hike to a remote meditation pillar(8h)

65 favor with Echur
300 Meditation XP

Hike to a remote meditation pillar (8h) (unlocked after the first one)

65 favor
450 Meditation XP

Explore new mind-altering compounds(4h)

35 favor with Echur
25 Mycology XP
4 Blusher Mushroom

Repeatable Meditate with Echur(60m)

Echur said, "Now we're ready to face the day! Come back next week and meditate with me again."

12 favor with Echur
100 Meditation XP

Share some cranium powder and have a deep discussion(60m)

12 favor with Echur
50 Meditation XP
1 Cranium Powder

Practice reading each others' minds (2h)

20 favor
200 Meditation XP

Take Echur up on his intimate invitation(8h) (unlocked after "Practice reading each others' minds")

65 favor with Echur
400 Meditation XP
1 Ring of Telepathic Pestering
Recipe for Elven Infertility Cantrip


Winter Celebration
[Friends] Favor -
[Like Family] Favor - , Item that may be:
(Lv20), (Lv20)