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: ''Unlock Tailoring Skill Levels 61-70''
: ''Unlock Tailoring Skill Levels 61-70''
[[Category:NPCs]][[Category:Sun Vale NPCs]][[Category:Fae]][[Category:Skill Trainer]][[Category:Animal Town NPCs]]
[[Category:NPCs]][[Category:Sun Vale NPCs]][[Category:Fae]][[Category:Skill Trainer]][[Category:Animal Town NPCs]][[Category: Talks to Animals]]

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She's looking around nervously, mumbling 'bzz' to herself.
Beast Speak:
Skill Trainer:
[[Category:Sun Vale NPCs]]

I was an accomplished dress maker back home. But in this realm all the textiles are gross and horrible, so I'm having to learn all over again.

Elaina is a fairy that's managed to sneak in to Animal Town under the guise of a fae-bee. Most of the residents can see through her illusion, but Spot still believes her, due to a glamour Elaina is using.

She only talks to players in Beast Forms, but isn't bothered by the smell of their former humanoid shape, if they shape-changed recently.


Animal Town (located in the southeastern part of Sun Vale, at the mountainous area.)
Can be found in the middle of the town, under the tent with black stripes.

Small Talk [view/edit]

  • Likes Cloth Hint
  • Likes Dyes Hint



Basic Tailoring recipes -- at Comfortable
Unlock Tailoring Skill Levels 51-60 -- at Close Friends
Unlock Tailoring Skill Levels 61-70