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* Drink Poisonous Liquids
* Drink Poisonous Liquids (you can buy and drink [[Basic Ink]])
* Talk to Pennoc
* Talk to Pennoc

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Pennoc in Serbule told you to drink poison for his amusement.


To start this quest, talk to Pennoc in Serbule. The quest is available at [Despised] favor.


Nothing is entertaining enough! Hmm... perhaps... why don't you drink some poison? Not enough to kill you, necessarily -- just enough to make you quite ill.


  • Drink Poisonous Liquids (you can buy and drink Basic Ink)
  • Talk to Pennoc


Rewards for Entertain Me: Drink Poison

Nope. You are especially un-fun while you're being violently ill. Not entertaining!

Oh, stop the moaning. Here. Here's some extra coin for your trouble.

  • 500 councils
This quest will reward random loot. This may include items with 25 level mods.