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[https://soundcloud.com/conorbracemusic/project-gorgon-dungeon-crawling Dungeon Crawling] (SoundCloud) by Conor Brace
[https://soundcloud.com/conorbracemusic/project-gorgon-dungeon-crawling Dungeon Crawling] (SoundCloud) by Conor Brace

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Goblin Dungeon
File:Goblin Dungeon (map).png
Map of Goblin Dungeon (click for larger size)
Connects to
Area Level
20 - 40
Goblin DungeonPlayerMap.png
Map by BetaNotus (5/19)

The Goblin Dungeon is an area accessed from Eltibule Keep. It is one of the most developed dungeons as of the alpha, and seems to be the main group oriented dungeon currently likely due to its midrange level, easy access and higher level content as you progress deeper into it.

It is currently a good source for Goblin Equipment, various Restorative Potions, and fire salts, among other things.

Also of note, it contains a quest to defeat the goblin boss and rescue the fairy Sarina, which leads to learning Art History. There are also many spawns for various art objects within the dungeon to help you train after you learn the skill.

This dungeon can be very dangerous for those unprepared, as some of the creatures use powerful rage attacks and pull in groups.

Most goblins appear to drop business cards which lets you learn Goblinese.

Points of Interest


There are two Storerooms currently in the dungeon. Both hold a few spawns of various scrolls, goblets, and food, as well as one or two paintings. The first one you'll come across right near the entrance.

Art Galleries(2)

If you go right at the first main junction, there are several rooms with paintings hanging on the walls. Grab the paintings and identify them to increase your Art History skill.

Pulling should be careful around these rooms, as there's usually two or three creatures in each one that can aggro through the thin walls, potentially mobbing the unsuspecting art aficionado.

On the other hand, if you are soloing, it is much safer to stay off the main halls as there are less spawns in these areas and the Brain Bug are relatively harmless.

Grand Room(3)

A large room containing many paintings and treasures. Cheese wheels can spawn in the back (Mogyar Cheese).

Sarina the fairy is imprisoned here, guarded by the mini boss Algapa along with many other goblins and bears.

This room can be very deadly, as especially around the doorway it's easy for a player to get mobbed by monsters hidden off to the left and right. The Goblin Boss himself can hit very hard and often comes with a large group of other Goblins, so visitors should use caution not to get too close unless they are well prepared.

It is possible to peel off many of the Goblins in the room, and at least 5 of the 6 painting spawns can usually be reached without aggroing the boss.

Once you are inside a good strategy if you are alone is to stay on the perimeter of the room. Pull ranged goblins by aggroing them and then hiding behind a pillar. This causes them to come closer so you can stun them and finish them without aggroing the center of the room. You will otherwise likely be overwhelmed as the goblins respawn rather quickly even if you take care not to bury the corpses.

Mantis Gallery(4)

An Art Gallery in the Northern section of the dungeon that is notable for a different layout than the rest of the Art Galleries, and being the only spawn point in the dungeon for a few Psychic Mantis and Simple Mantis.

Graz and Gruzark(5)

At the back of the room amidst a large number of small beds are Goblin Storage Chests. These can be looted for random common equipment, and the odd (rare?) piece of Sulfur and Saltpeter. Looting these chests is rather cumbersome as they fill your inventory with 3 items at a time.


At the far end of the left most corridor. Fruit Cases and Grain Sacks can be looted for Guava, Grapes, Red Apples, etc. Pigs (food likely). Goblin Stew Hint can be drank from the cauldron, which is a drink that will stack with any foods you already have consumed (+12 health every few seconds when out of combat).

Back Entrance(7)

If you search the outside walls of Eltibule Keep you will find a hatch that connects to the northern area of the dungeon. The hatch drops into a hallway, the end of which is an one-way invisible wall that you can not cross back. Once you cross the invisible wall you are in the main hallway of the dungeon.

Goblin Annex(8)

If you just keep going straight for a long time, past all the corridors, you’ll meet a new guardian. Beyond that guardian, the tunnels get VERY difficult! Be warned. You’ll want a LARGE group — it sounds like seven to nine people would be safest if you’re all in the low 30s with your combat skills. A smaller group may work if you’re higher level.

A few tips from Auriel [1]

  • You have to destroy the crystals in a certain time period
  • If you miss one or they respawn, the chest in the boss room will tell you how many you are missing
  • The chest also does not open. Your loot will appear in your pack. Everyone gets their own loot.
  • You can only get loot from a chest once per hour.
  • You might want to walk instead of run
  • Even if you have a dedicated healer, DO bring your own heals. There really aren't enough "heal other" spells, unless you are only healing one person. What seemed to work best for me is having a Battle Chemistry Golem spam heals. Always and using Mentalism buffs, either armor or health depending on gear.
  • Have a clear leader and stay together
  • If you decide to split up, put a healer in both groups
  • Remember, heals do not go through walls
  • If you are lost, click your leader on your group panel and cast a spell. It will path you to your leader.
  • Use your group chat tab, and watch chat as best you can
  • While using your group tab, realize you will not receive PMs there

Ulaur ordered me to write this note. He thinks Lady Eltibule will send a rescue party. I think we're going to die down here. But I hope I am wrong. If you're the rescue party, here's what we've learned:

If you destroy a crystal, you have only fifteen minutes before it reappears.

We believe that if you can knock out all the same-colored crystals at once, you can unlock the treasure vaults.

According to Ulfak's old plans, there should be three red crystals and seven green ones, each with a separate vault.

We are struggling to get past the second crystal on the red side. If we still live, that's where we'll be.


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Dungeon Crawling (SoundCloud) by Conor Brace