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==Combat Abilities==
==Combat Abilities==
* Burst Electricity Damage
* Ranged Electricity Damage
* Crushing Damage
* [[Image:Rage-icon-20px.gif|Rage]] Heavy Ranged Electricity Damage

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Goblin Shockmaster
File:Goblin Shockmaster.png
Cold, Nature, Electricity, Darkness
Poison, Trauma
Goblin Shockmasters are mages that blast you with magic from afar. They pack quite a punch.


Boarded up Basement
Vitals: Health 378 Armor 44 Rage 436
Location: Near the entrance corridor.

Combat Abilities

icon_3070.png Ranged Electricity Damage
icon_3070.png Burst Electricity Damage
icon_2119.png Crushing Damage
Rage-icon.png icon_3070.png Heavy Ranged Electricity Damage


  • Skin: None
  • Meat: None
  • Skull: Impressive Goblin Skull

Reported Loot

  • Calling Cards
  • Level 15-25 Gear