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Fluency in the language of the goblins.
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Other Skill
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Goblinese Overview

Goblinese is the language spoken by goblins. The language lets you speak to friendly goblins, some of which train abilities and even teach new skills! Fluency in Goblinese level (35) is all that is required to talk to all goblins except Glajur level (40) though they may have other requirements to learn from them.

In-Game Description

Fluency in the language of the goblins.

Training Goblinese

  • Goblins in Goblin Dungeon can drop goblin business cards that has a level requirement of zero. These can teach Goblinese
  • Occasionally you can find the cards in Yetta's used tab.
  • Kremmu the Warden often drops a level 0 card.
  • Algapa always drop a level 25 card named after him: Algapa's Calling Card.
  • Fugorg is another named goblin who drops a level 25 card named after him, similarly to Algapa. There are a few goblin archers so this may be a worthwhile location to "camp" if you can not handle Algapa's room yet.
  • All goblins in Serbule Hills have a very high chance to drop cards.
  • All goblins in Boarded up Basement have a chance to drop cards, however it can be hard to solo due to high respawn rate and densely populated corridors.

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