Hogan's Keep (basement)

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Map of Hogan's Keep (basement) (click for larger size)
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Map by BetaNotus (5/19)

The basement of Hogan's Keep, located beneath Hogan's Keep is home to a band of goblins who escaped slavery (note that in goblins customs, "slavery" means that they serve a war contract). Malvol is the leader of the band, he is an expert in Sword techniques. Gorvessa is his "wife" of sorts. She admits to serve as his "harem", but with enough favor she will reveal that she is a shield-basher at heart. The two other goblins, Ultashk and Gribburn, appear to be placeholders (as of the alpha).

Gaining access

Hogan is housing some unusual guests hiding in his keep. He doesn't let people in unless they're trustworthy friends, though. Become his friend to gain access.

— "Stuff to Do" panel

To complete this goal you will need Close Friends favor with Hogan.

Points of Interest

Hogan's Room

A writing table can be used to write in-game books. A bookshelf features a few player-penned literature.

The Cellar

Beneath Hogan's bedroom (as he states himself), is home to a few goblins. Found in one corner of the room are tiny goblin beds. Gorvessa stands by a cauldron from which you can drink Goblin Stew (a fairly weak regenerative food).

A few random items can spawn in this room, including: Crusty Bread, Plate... and the odd valuable recipe.