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Ilmari desert
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Map of Ilmari (click for larger size)
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It's a long trek to the desert.

Ilmari is a harsh desert region in the Council's Empire. There is little reason to travel here, and those who end up in this wasteland soon regret it.

Points of Interest

1- Amulna

Amulna is the only surviving town in Ilmari. It offers valuable protection against the elements, and is a frequent stop for travelers seeking shelter from the Rakshasa bandits that prowl the dunes.

2- Bonnie & Arlan's Shop

This quaint outpost was established by two elves many years ago. Everything changed when Bonnie died twenty years ago...

3- Ruined Village

Once a habitable village, this decrepit place has been taken over by packs of Rakshasa Bandits. Fogula Melben was once the Proprietress of the town. Hidden under the rubble, one might find the entrance to a long forgotten Labyrinth.

4- Manticore Alley

This area of the Ilmari Desert is home to the mighty Manticores. Situated just outside of the town of Amulna, travelers and Prodigies searching for a challenge will find it here.

Healing Lattice
These constructs provide a rejuvenating boost to those who become enveloped in them. It is unknown if they are a natural event, or influenced by an outside party.

5- The Other Ruined Village

You've stumbled upon another once habitable village, now taken over by Rakshasa Bandits . This one is in ruins!

6- Makara's Retreat

A first-generation Rakshasa named Makara can be found occupying a ruined shack. She has abandoned the world, and teaches her abilities in Transmutation to a select few.

7- Portal to Rahu

Travelers often use these small ruins as a marker, for the great Rakshasa City of Rahu lies beyond.

8- Portal to Kur Mountain

In the southern area of the map (middle; neither west nor east)

Regional Mechanics

Explorers and Prodigies traveling in Ilmari should be wary of the harsh effects of the Desert on their bodies. Those who fail to keep hydrated will be inflicted with "Dying of Thirst", a dehydration effect that disables Power Regeneration and Sprint.



  • Ruined Village
  • Amulna

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