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Yeah, let's talk about bullshit. Yak yak yak. There. We done now?

Jace Soral is a humanoid form werewolf NPC that can support werewolf players in various ways. While not the absolute necessity that Sanja is, he may very well be the only vendor in Kur Mountains that werewolf players have access to.


Kur Mountains
Near the North-Westernmost point on the map that isn't in the ocean, next to a campfire and Sanja.


Jace sells a few healing items for players who need to resupply.

Firstaid Good First Aid Kit 75 gold
Firstaid Expert's First Aid Kit 150 gold
Firstaid Master First Aid Kit 300 gold
Patchkit Good Armor Patch Kit 75 gold
Patchkit Expert's Armor Patch Kit 150 gold
Patchkit Master Armor Patch Kit 300 gold
Healthpot Second-Wind Slushie 150 gold

Small Talk

  • Likes Werewolf Oriented Magic Items
  • Likes Max-Health-Boosting Potions


  • Defeat Bleddyn [Neutral] : Kill Bleddyn.
  • Wolfsbane Needed [Neutral] : Collect 10 Wolfsbane.
  • Thin the Food Supply [Neutral] : Kill 8 Kur Deer.


Wolfsbane Blade


3 Items at neutral.