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Legling Stone-Shaper
File:Legling Stone-Shaper.png
Slashing, Piercing, Cold
Very Ineffective:
Poison, Acid
Legling Stone-Shapers are diminutive Ranalon practice magic in the deepest parts of the western branch of the Ranalon Den. Beware their ability to evade attacks, and their quick movement allows them to swarm if you're not careful in your explorations.


Ranalon Den
Vitals: Health 52 Armor 55 Rage 113
Location: Guarding the western branch, including the farms

Combat Abilities

High Evasion, Fast Movement

  • Ranged Acid Damage
  • Ranged Nature Damage and Root
  • Rage Bolster Mitigation


Skin: None
Meat: None
Skull: None

Reported Loot