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icon_4006.png The Wasted Wishes
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Hint: Found in a house in Serbule
Hidden Until Found

The Wasted Wishes is a Lorebook found in the Serbule region. It can be found in a house in Serbule.


The Wasted Wishes... the creature appeared before her and Leeka quickly turned away. With her eyes squeezed shut, she uttered the incantation. When she finished, she gathered her courage. "Now, I demand you give me my wishes!"

"Wish granted," said a raspy voice. "That's the first wish used up already!"

Leeka grimaced. No sense arguing with a gorgon; they would just manipulate you further.

"I wish to have in my possession the blade Heartseeker. But," she added hastily,"It should not be impaled in my body! I want it safely in its scabbard, at my side. She couldn't see the gorgon but could hear its mirth.

"Granted," she said. A weight suddenly appeared at her side, and she carefully felt the scabbard. It was her mother's blade, back in her hands at last!

Leeka steadied herself for the last wish."And now I wish for the power to wield this sword in all its glory!"

"You're a foolish little thing," said the voice. "Granted! You have always had the power to wield the blade. You need simply complete the Blade Trials to turn it on."

Leeka groaned. "Oh, that's bullshit. Come on!" Silence.

"Well," said Leeka, defeated, "what are the Blade Trials?" Silence. Was the gorgon gone? After a few minutes of waiting, she cautiously opened her eyes... and closed them again just in time, for the gorgon was waiting right before her!

"Aw, almost got you," said the voice. "Don't worry, Leeka. I'll get you next time." And with that, the room filled with smoke, and when Leeka's coughing abated, the gorgon was gone."

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