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{{:Bartering:Midge the Apothecary}}
{{:Bartering:Midge the Apothecary}}
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[[Category:NPCs]][[Category:Fae Realm NPCs]][[Category:Fairy]][[Category:Storage]][[Category:Bartering]][[Category: Talks to Animals]]

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Midge the Apothecary

Fae Realm

Small Talk [view/edit]

Midge only accepts gifts at [Friends] or higher.

  • Likes Mercury
  • Likes Cranium Powder
  • Loves Insect Wings

Favor Rewards

Reward at [Friends].


Storage - Friends
8 slots at [Comfortable].
16 slots at [Friends].
24 slots at [Close Friends].
32 slots at [Best Friends].
40 slots at [Like Family].
48 slots at [Soul Mates].


Midge will give Royal Jelly in exchange for various items. The items she requests changes every 2-4 hours (the time period varies) and the player may only barter a certain number of times (Depends on favor. One trade per period at neutral/comfortable, Two at friends, ? at higher).

Items she asks for include:

Favor with Midge the Apothecary increases by 10 each time the player barters with her.

todo: add more items to the list, figure out how many times the player can barter per time interval. Format this subpage better.