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It's a mushroom with hands
At the entrance.
Beast Speak:
Skill Trainer:
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You are tended to by Mu. I am not your enemy. Do you understand me, meat plant?

Mu is a Myconian located in the Myconian Cave. Mu has developed a severe cranium powder addiction. Mu dislikes the methods taught to the Myconians by General Lavorel.


Myconian Cave
At the entrance.

Small Talk [view/edit]

  • Likes Heartshrooms Hint
  • Loves Blue Crystals Hint

Additional Information at Higher Favor

At [Friends]: Likes Cranium Powder Hint


  • Find Poe To start this quest, talk to Mu in Myconian Caverns. The quest is available at [Neutral] favor.
    • Deliver Message Spore to Poe
    • Talk to Mu

    Response to player

    This message spore is from Mu? I see.

    He understands me well. Tell him that so long as I am alive, I will serve him. But I must keep up appearances with Tidal, or be torn apart!

  • Heartshrooms

    To start this quest, talk to Mu in Myconian Caverns. The quest is available at [Neutral] favor.


icon_3431.pngRevitalize  9    637 councils   [Neutral] 
icon_3431.pngRevitalize 2  27    2499 councils   [Comfortable] 
icon_3431.pngRevitalize 3  45    6811 councils   [Friends] 
icon_3431.pngRevitalize 4  57    11319 councils   [Neutral] 
icon_3431.pngRevitalize 5  70    16856 councils   [Neutral] 
icon_3626.pngAgonize  15    1421 councils   [Comfortable] 
icon_3626.pngAgonize 2  30    2646 councils   [Friends] 
icon_3626.pngAgonize 3  45    6811 councils   [Close Friends] 
icon_3626.pngAgonize 4  60    11466 councils   [Best Friends] 
icon_3430.pngElectrify  22    2254 councils   [Neutral] 
icon_3430.pngElectrify 2  37    4459 councils   [Friends] 
icon_3430.pngElectrify 3  52    9604 councils   [Close? Friends] 
icon_3430.pngElectrify 4  67    16709 councils   [Best Friends] 
icon_3430.pngElectrify 5  73    19453 councils   [Neutral] 
icon_3327.pngPain Bubble  15    1421 councils   [Friends] 
icon_3327.pngPain Bubble 2  30    2646 councils   [Close Friends] 
icon_3327.pngPain Bubble 3  45    6811 councils   [Best Friends] 
icon_3327.pngPain Bubble 4  60    11466 councils   [Like Family] 

Hang Out

*Sit quietly and try to absorb power from the soil! (2h)

20 favor with Mu
1 Strange Dirt

*Share a cranium powder and talk about interspecies problems (1h) [Comfortable]

12 favor with Mu