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Mastery of fungus in all its forms.

Mycology is a skill that is raised by gathering mushrooms. It gives access to a variety of recipes for the creation of Spore Bombs, Potions. Mushrooms are also useful in Cooking and Alchemy recipes.

Recipes can be bought from Mushroom Jack in Serbule town, and Voo in the Myconian Cave.


Nearly every mushroom can be found in the Myconian Cave, so only alternate locations will be listed here.


Name Level Location Mycology XP Myconid XP
Parasol Mushrooms 00 In and around Tutorial Cave, Serbule Sewers. 10 100
Mycena Mushrooms 05 Serbule Sewers, Southern Serbule. 29
Boletus Mushrooms 10 55
Field Mushrooms 15 96
Blusher Mushrooms 20 110
Milk Cap Mushrooms 25 Kur Mountains 115
Blood Mushrooms 30 Kur Mountains
Coral Mushrooms 40

How to Learn

Mycology is usually acquired early on in the Tutorial Cave by gathering a patch of Parasol Mushrooms. The skill continues to raise afterwards as you gather various kinds of mushrooms. New players will likely encounter higher tiers of Mushrooms first in the town of Serbule. There are a few patches around the barn which will require higher skill level.

Related Skills


Mycology Level Up Rewards

Level Reward
10 +1 to Alchemy
20 +1 to Pig
40 +1 to Alchemy
50 +1 to Pig
55 +1 to Shamanic Infusion