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* '''Furnishing Nishika's Restaurant''' : Collect 4 Decent Chairs {{Hint|Reward: 50 Favor, 4 Nishika's Travel Snack}}
* '''Furnishing Nishika's Restaurant''' : Collect 4 Decent Chairs {{Hint|Reward: 50 Favor, 4 Nishika's Travel Snack}}
* '''Collect 4 Oregano''' : Self-explanatory.
* '''Collect 4 Oregano''' : Self-explanatory.
* '''Grapefish for Snacks''' : Collect 12 Grapefish

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Inside the Inn.
Beast Speak:
Skill Trainer:
Cooking, Butchering, Skinning

...Welcome to my shop!

Nishika is the cook in the town of Rahu . More updates are needed for this page.


Inside the inn.

Items Purchased [view/edit]

  • Food
  • Phlogiston

Spending Limits [view/edit]

Favor Level Cap Per Item Weekly Pool
Neutral 50 2,500
Comfortable 50 2,500
Friends 5,000
Close Friends
Best Friends 20,000
Like Family 40,000
Soul Mates 65,000


Salt Salt 5 for 37 gold
Flour Flour 5 for 37 gold
Sugar Sugar 5 for 7 gold
Knife Butcher Knife 250 gold
Chefshammer Meat Tenderizer 250 gold
Skinningknife Simple Skinning Knife 7 gold

Small Talk

  • Likes Raw Vegetables
  • Likes Bloodstones Hint
  • Loves Leather Armor with Archery Prerequisites


  • Nishika's Meat Request : Obtain 12 Grimalkin Meat Hint
  • Furnishing Nishika's Restaurant : Collect 4 Decent Chairs Hint
  • Collect 4 Oregano : Self-explanatory.
  • Grapefish for Snacks : Collect 12 Grapefish



Uses a new system where recipes only show up to train after completing the relevant quest or hang out option


Unlock Butchering Skill Levels 51-60


Unlock Skinning Skill Levels 51-60

Hang Out

  • Help Nishika prepare the Generals meal (8h)
Nishika said, "Do you think he'll really come eat here? General Pask, I mean. I hope not. The doors aren't even tall enough for him. I kinda wish those old first-gen Rakshasa would finally kick off and die! They're so powerful, but so.. set in their ways, you know? Anyways if he does come tonight, he's gonna love this Spicy Lemon Cat dish! Thanks for your help preparing the meat. Oh, hey, if you want to learn to make this recipe yourself, I'd be willing to train you."
44 favor
2x Red Pepper
unlocks training the Spicy Lemon Cat recipe
  • Help Nishika prepare tomorrow's stew (?h)
Nishika said, "Aw, crap, I broke the tenderizer. Let's stop; I think that's enough meat for the stew, don't you? Thank you so much for your hard work!"
25 favor
Recipe for Cat Stew Cup
  • Do the dishes at Nishika's restaurant (3h)
40 favor
2x House Cat

Spoiler text.