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:: [[:Category:Other Skills|Category:Other skills]]
:: [[:Category:Other Skills|Category:Other skills]]
:: [[:Category:Trade Skills|Category:Trade skills]]
:: [[:Category:Trade Skills|Category:Trade skills]]
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Category naming

Category naming follows the formatting guidelines: capitalize proper nouns, and otherwise use normal sentence case (eg. "Kur Mountains NPCs" is capitalized, "Skill trainers" is not).

Category names in general should use the plural form, eg. "Zones", "Bosses".

Anatomy-related categories (Arthropod, Goblin, Orc, etc.) currently use the singular form.

Category structure

(work in progress)

Category:Elite (Elite Bosses)
Category:Serbule NPCs
Category:Eltibule NPCs
Category:Kur Mountains NPCs
Category:Beast forms
Category:Combat skills
Category:Other skills
Category:Trade skills
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