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Welcome to the Wiki

Welcome to the Project Gorgon Wiki. If you found this page, it probably means you want to contribute.

First Steps

Setup your personal and talk pages, when you first log in, you will see your username and 'Talk' in the upper right corner click those to create your pages. Even if they are blank, this makes it easier for others to contact you. It also allows for easy collaboration when working on large projects.

Please have a brief read of MediaWiki Help on Talk Pages. Signatures, indents, and topics (headings) in Talk Pages make it easier to see how the discussion is going and who has last replied, not just for the person you respond to, but any future editors who want to get up to date on the history of an article.

Consider watching talk pages (click the star) which you are participating in, as they will be highlighted in the Special:RecentChanges.

Next, it will be helpful to familiarize yourself with some of the information to the right. This wiki uses the MediaWiki platform. If you are new to MediaWiki, some Help articles can be found on the sidebar. You can edit the wiki if you are logged into forum account. Please click that, and create a page about yourself, and a Talk Page so that people may leave you messages.

When creating pages, we would like to maintain some semblance between similar pages. You can check out the formatting guidelines page, although partially outdated. The best method is to find a similar page, and see the formatting of that page.

Finally, pick something to add. You can choose from one of the general categories below or anything that you come across that you would like to work on.

Where to Help

The following areas of the wiki need the most help:

Creature Page Updates
Most Creatures require updates to follow the Creature Template. Combat Abilities, Miscellaneous, and Reported Loot sections need updating!
Missing Images
It would be great to get nice clear images of most creatures and NPCs. It would be preferable that these screenshots be taken on the highest level of graphics. Focus on lower level areas first (Serbule Hills, Serbule, Eltibule, Anagoge). You can look at Special:WantedFiles if you want to. Red links are usually missing images. Click the "(1 link)" next to the red link, click the page listed below, then from that page click the image link in the article to add a picture. Try to optimize pictures a little bit in Photoshop by using "Save for Web" if your version offers it. Size it down to 400 pixels wide to reduce the file size, as most articles will display a 400px thumb.
Missing Monsters
There are at least four named bosses missing on the wiki!
Many NPCs are missing their Conversations section.
Many skills require a few sentences about the skill, and possibly some user comments on mechanics.
The Druid skill needs to be expanded on. It is missing most of its core gameplay elements and players need to know all of the unique requirements and cases of the skill. Much needed as it is a popular subject for questions.
It would be great to have images for all skills, something that represents the skill.
If you have high level play experience:
... overview of pros and cons (good abilities, bad abilities)
... which other skills does it work well with? and why?
Simple lists or tables of level up skills/rewards. *
Many dungeons are sparsely documented, and still require:
Describe Points of Interest in the dungeon
Any particular general loot , quest loot that drops here?
Consider adding a few images to highlight the sights in a gallery tag (see Dungeon Template)
Pretty much all gameplay articles can be expanded upon.
Missing Pages
Look at Special:WantedPages to see if you can start on any of the pages. And Be sure that it is not just a misspelled word! Red links on a 'normal' wiki are usually an indicator that something is missing. If that page is relevant and you can expand on that page please do so.
Delete pages
If you come across an irrelevant or duplicate page and want to have it deleted, add the code [[Category:Candidates for deletion]] to the bottom of the page. One of the wiki administrators will be notified.


If the information exists, this Wiki should record it somewhere. Now, Project Gorgon is exploration based, so some spoilers might damage potential discoveries players might make. In general, record everything, but if the topic spoils a riddle, puzzle, or is something extremely hidden, it is best to spoiler tag it. Some parts of the wiki, such as Lore related pages, contain spoilers, but do not need to be marked as such. Zones, Dungeon pages, Hidden Skill mechanics, and NPCs that have major reveals should use spoilers.

Sources for the Wiki

Besides in-game content, a list of known sources that can be used to flesh out the wiki:


Q. This wiki is too light/bright/does not look like a gaming wiki!
A: This is completely unimportant during the alpha. This wiki is hosted by the developers themselves, on their own domain. This means in due time, they may very well decide to revamp the general appearance to something more exciting. They obviously have more important things to do during alpha. What matters now is providing quality content and help for the players.
Q. The rich text editor is too basic/ the syntax is complicated.
A: It is. Consider it a new skillset. With that said, keep in mind this is collaborative work. If you don't like formatting things, simply focus on quality content. Someone else who is more into the layout and formatting will simply go over and tidy up things.
Formatting guides
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