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== Quests ==
* '''Rita Wants Flowers''' {{repeatable}} : Obtain 6 flowers (any kind, but you may want to keep the Red Asters for another quest).
* '''Rita's Soap''' [Comfortable] : Deliver Rita's Herbal Soap to Helena in [[Hogan's Keep]] {{Hint|At 'Comfortable' level she will let you speak to Harry the Wolf, who offers Werewolf Beast form.}}
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* '''Rita Needs Slippers''' [Friends] : Obtain a pair of Goblin Slippers.
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Rita (npc).jpg
Her eyes are bright with excitement
as she gossips with Blanche.
Serbule Keep, Outside the inn.
Beast Speak:

Hi sweetie, how are you? You're looking gorgeous!

Rita is a sex-addicted Elf who hangs out on the Chortling Beaver's front porch, enjoying numerous salacious discussions with Blanche.

Blanche: I have the juiciest gossip! But you have to keep it a secret.
Rita: Of course! Is it about Salmay?
Blanche: No... it's Ivyn! I heard he hasn't been with an elf in six months!
Rita: That's not healthy! What has he done instead? Humans?


Outside the inn, talking to Blanche.

Items Purchased [view/edit]

Rita/Items purchased

Spending Limits [view/edit]

Rita/Spending limits



At Friends
Rita's Lucky Underpants ("Fashionable Sexy Clothing" type)

Hang Out

  • Help Rita braid her hair (60 min)
12 favor with Rita
2 Hair Tie
  • Help Rita make navel rings (5 hours)
35 favor with Rita
1 Navel Ring of Cleanliness (Max Cleanliness +1)
  • Take a hike through the woods and then have sex (12 hr)
95 favor with Rita
Recipe for Elven Sexual Energy Cantrip
  • Spy on Marna to discover her hair secrets (8 hr)
65 favor with Rita
Recipe for Human Hair-Cleaning Cantrip
  • Help Rita make soap (5 hr)
42 favor with Rita
50 Alchemy XP
Recipe for Floral Soap
  • Play with the giant rats in town (2 hr)
20 favor with Rita
3 Violet

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