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:3 Violet
:3 Violet
== Events ==
===== Winter Celebration =====
|RiShin Friends =
|RiShin Family = {{Item|Rita's Charm}} (lv 30)
== Conversations ==
[[Category:NPCs]][[Category:Serbule NPCs]][[Category:Serbule Keep NPCs]][[Category:Elven]]
[[Category:NPCs]][[Category:Serbule NPCs]][[Category:Serbule Keep NPCs]][[Category:Elven]]

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Rita (npc).jpg
Her eyes are bright with excitement
as she gossips with Blanche.
Serbule Keep, Outside the inn.
Beast Speak:

Hi sweetie, how are you? You're looking gorgeous!

Rita is a sex-addicted Elf who hangs out on the Chortling Beaver's front porch, enjoying numerous salacious discussions with Blanche.

Blanche: I have the juiciest gossip! But you have to keep it a secret.
Rita: Of course! Is it about Salmay?
Blanche: No... it's Ivyn! I heard he hasn't been with an elf in six months!
Rita: That's not healthy! What has he done instead? Humans?


Outside the inn, talking to Blanche.

Small Talk [view/edit]

  • Dislikes Food
  • Likes Flowers Hint
  • Likes Clothing (non-armored)
  • Loves Slippers
  • Likes Interesting Reading Material



At Friends
Rita's Lucky Underpants ("Fashionable Sexy Clothing" type)

Hang Out

Help Rita braid her hair (60 min)

12 favor with Rita
2 Hair Tie

Help Rita make navel rings (4 hours)

35 favor with Rita
1 Navel Ring of Cleanliness (Max Cleanliness +1)

Take a hike through the woods and then have sex (12 hr)

95 favor with Rita
Recipe for Elven Sexual Energy Cantrip

Spy on Marna to discover her hair secrets (8 hr)

65 favor with Rita
Recipe for Human Hair-Cleaning Cantrip

Help Rita make soap (5 hr)

42 favor with Rita
50 Alchemy XP
Recipe for Floral Soap

Play with the giant rats in town (2 hr)

20 favor with Rita
3 Violet


Winter Celebration
[Friends] Favor -
[Like Family] Favor - (lv 30)