Second Column Diary

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This journal was left behind by a now probably decapitated member of the Second Column. It was found in a dark corner of the Brain Bug Cave.

That madman's toxins have left us all nearly catatonic. I seem to be the only one who can move at all... and I dare not move much lest the atrocities see me.

I hear Commander Ferrows screaming somewhere in the cave. he must be alive. His fate can't be worse than ours, though...

While we sit here helpless, automatons are systematically robbing us of our brains and vital organs. I saw Sarah's eyes widen when they started cutting her head, so I know they can all still feel pain... it's like they want to kill us in a horrible fashion. Don't they realize this much traumatic death will result in a plague of undeath? Why would they want that?

This whole thing was a trap. Half the Second Column must have fallen for it, too. Oh, shit, here comes a brain bug... whew...

This madman is using our bodies to create abominations, and then using our spirits to make zombie guardians. he must be stopped. If anybody ever reads this, tell the Council about this. Tell them Dalvos... oh shit, I think they..."