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==Gallery ==
==Gallery ==
[[File:Dungeon entrance picture.jpg|400px]]
[[File:Dungeon entrance picture.jpg|400px]]
[[Category:Dungeons]][[Category:Serbule Dungeons]]
[[Category:Dungeons]][[Category:Serbule Dungeons]]

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Serbule Sewers
Serbule Sewers (map).png
Map of Serbule Sewers (click for larger size)
Connects to
Area Level
5 - 10
Serbule SewersPlayerMap.png
Map by BetaNotus (5/19)

Serbule Sewers is a small dungeon infested with rats and spiders. Lower tier mushrooms grow on the damp walls and floors, which can be harvested for Myconic experience. A deeper portion of the Sewers is populated by dinosaurs.

The sewer pipes also act as a back entrance to a deeper area of the Serbule Crypt. This is a direct path to Sir Arif who deals in Sigil Scripting (a kind of trap skill).

This is a good place to stock up on Mogyar Cheese if you cannot yet afford or craft better regenerative foods.

Adventurer's Packs randomly spawn which can contain Health Potions and Comfortable Ancient Armor (Hideous Metal Armor).

Smelly Sacks randomly spawn in the dinosaur portion of the sewer system. These often contain low-level gloves or fish.

An Old Storage Chest can be discovered in the dungeon which holds some low-level gear.


Look for a blue portal underwater in the lake just Northeast of Serbule Keep.

Points of Interest


At the end of the dungeon, explorers will find a portal to Serbule Crypt.




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Dungeon entrance picture.jpg