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Expertise in the use of a shield, both as a weapon and as a defensive tool.

Shield Mastery (refered as "Shield" in the Skills panel) is an advanced skill that is taught by Tyler Green after earning sufficient favor with him. As such this skill is not available to new players, even if Tyler can be found in the Tutorial Cave.

Stunning Bash, the level 1 ability, is received automatically once you reach Friend relationship with Tyler Green.


Shield Mastery skills covers the following mechanics:

Stun opponent Stunning Bash [L 1]
Sprint One of the main draws of this skill (Take the Lead [L 8] +6 sprint speed for 10 seconds).
Rage control Flat reduction (Disrupting Bash [L 2] -60 Rage)
Knockback Zero power cost, but long cooldown (Emergency Bash)
Slash Damage +% Slashing Damage boosted +5% for 20sec (Strategic Preparation [L 13])
Taunt Temporary taunt power increases
Recover Armor Reinforce [L 10] (+50 armor)
Dodge Projectiles Evade 40% projectiles for 10sec


Ability Learn From Req. Misc. Notes
Rapid Recovery Nelson Ballard Comfortable+ Special: You recover [50/80/110/140/170] Armor. This ability cannot be used in combat. Special: This ability can optionally be placed on your side-bar instead of your primary ability bars, but you must still have the Shield skill active to use it.


Lucky Belt of the Soldier (currently limited to Sword+Shield) attunes the random-generated treasure to this skill.