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Agrashab asks you about a different god if you're in different forms it appears. When speaking to him as a spider, he asks the following:

"How is Akhisa? You're Akhisa's scion, correct? Say ... perhaps you could have a word with Akhisa for me? Some spiders have taken up home here, which would be fine, except the belch fire. And trolls don't like fire."

Your responses are either "Um... I'm not really on speaking terms with Akhisa." or "I guess I'll try to relay that message when I can..."

Choosing the second give you the dialog

"Good! And now that I've made an official complaint with a scion of Akhisa, I won't worry about causing offense when I have those spiders removed."

Your only option to respond is "Um. Okay! ..."

"While you're here, please try not to litter. Oh, and your world's hideous 'undead' are strictly forbidden here."

That ends the dialog.