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Item Name Goes Here

Item description goes here.

Item stats goes here
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Use this template to illustrate an item as it appears in-game.
The main idea with this template is to liven up pages with some visuals, as well as illustrate an item that relates to the quest, skill, cooking recipe, etc. See eg. Goblinese.
Most equipment is randomly generated, but there are also many unique items such as poetry, paintings, skill utensils, crafting ingredients, and so on. which have a unique description.
Additional benefits:
  • Avoids uploading too many images in the wiki that will be soon obsolete.
  • As for all templates, we can change the appearance later for all concerned articles just by editing this template. :Therefore when the game's user interface art changes, it won't be a problem.


Type Template:T somewhere.


OPTIONAL. Default is common (white). Values: green (uncommon), cyan (rare), purple, magenta (epic), yellow (legendary).
OPTIONAL. Use thumb to float to the right with a frame, similar to image thumbs.
OPTIONAL. (Notice this parameter is capitalized). Defaults to the icon that would appear for <title>. If present, the icon of the specified item will be used instead of the default. Typically only needed for weapons and armor to specify the base icon name. See the demos for examples.
Only if using thumb. Adds a caption similar to image thumbs.
This is the first paragraph in the item popups in-game it shows side by side with the item icon.
This is the list of augments on the item, and other requirements. See the examples to get the proper formatting.
NOT USED. (Notice this parameter is lowercase). This parameter previously specified the user uploaded icon names. Now that icons are provided via Template:Item_icon, this parameter is no longer used.

Sample output

Code = Output
Bare usage:
Item Name Goes Here

Item description goes here.

Item stats goes here
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Here is a simple example, for more complex examples see ItemT Template Demos.

Also see the category page for all pages using Template:ItemT (using the template puts it in this category).

|A tiny pinch of saltpeter, a strange substance with many magical uses.
Value: 300

Template Demos

There are demonstrations for this template, see ItemT Template Demos.


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