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Spoiler text.


Use this template to add a spoiler box to a page (Also see Template:Hint).

This template allows for formatting of spoiler content.

Known issues

  • Tables may or may not be formatted inside the template. Suggest using definition lists as a workaround.


A basic spoiler like this may be better replaced with Template:Hint:

Sarina's clothes are not outside, but inside the [[Boarded up Basement]] dungeon.


Sarina's clothes are not outside, but inside the Boarded up Basement dungeon.

This is an example of a spoiler used for a quest reward.

{{Spoiler|Reward for Contacting Melandria's Brother
|Reward: {{icon|pumpkin}} x1, 300 Councils, 50 Favor}}

Reward for Contacting Melandria's Brother

Thank you so much for your help! Here, have a pumpkin.

Reward: Pumpkin x1, 300 Councils, 50 Favor