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Used for depicting items sold by Vendors. Not to be confused with Template:Vendor purchase table row, which is used for information on what a vendor buys and how much they have to spend.


{{vendor table row
 | item =
 | icon = 
 | cost =


The item name
Cost in full eg. "15 gold"
Optional. If not provided, a generic "empty" icon base is used. If abc is provided, item-icon-abc.png is used.
CHECK Item Icons Guide FOR AVAILABLE ICONS before uploading any new ones!


Create a row in the NPC Show table. This will help with adding icons and maintaining consistency across many tables.

TODO As better extensions are installed in the wiki, a lot of things also can be automated (ie. picking the correct icon based on the item name).


Many generic icons can be used for a variety of items! See Item Icons Guide for all available icons.

{{vendor table row
 | item = Fire Magic: Introductory Research
 | cost = 75 gold
 | icon = book