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==Combat Abilities==
==Combat Abilities==
* Slashing Damage
* Crushing Damage
* [[Image:Rage-icon-20px.gif|Rage]] Crushing Health Devastation

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The Maimer
The Maimer.jpg
Electricity, Acid
Crushing, Trauma
The Maimer is one of the Fae Bears found inside the Animal Nexus. He is the weakest of the group. The Mutilator is the next strongest.


Animal Nexus
Vitals: Health 742 Armor 351 Rage 638
Location: Found in the first cavern.

Combat Abilities

icon_2130.png Slashing Damage
icon_2129.png Crushing Damage
Rage-icon.png icon_3067.png Crushing Health Devastation


  • Skin: Decent
  • Meat: Cheap Meat
  • Skull: Impressive Animal Skull

Reported Loot

  • Dahlia Seeds
  • Good Metal Slab
  • Saltpeter
  • Ancient Bronze Coin

Animal Handling Stats

The Maimer
Animal Handling Level to Tame: 30
Maximum Bond Level: 80
Maximum Happiness: 100
Maximum Enthusiasm: 10
Weak Against: Acid, Electricity
Resists: Crushing, Trauma
Vitals at Tamed Health 257 Armor 117