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==Combat Abilities==
==Combat Abilities==
* Slashing Damage
* Crushing Damage
* [[Image:Rage-icon-20px.gif|Rage]]
* [[Image:Rage-icon-20px.gif|Rage]] Crushing Health Devastation
==Reported Loot==
==Reported Loot==

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The Mauler is a star. He even has his own (very large) set of bear and fey panther groupies; Be careful, they are all too happy to come to his defense and gang up on anyone unlucky enough to let them.


In the Southwest area of the zone, right next to the Charm Cat Shrine.

Combat Abilities

  • Slashing Damage
  • Crushing Damage
  • Rage Crushing Health Devastation

Reported Loot

  • The Mauler's Claw (Quest Item for Kleave's quest, The Mauler.)