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If you preordered a deluxe version of the game that includes a custom title (such as the Kickstarter 'Duke' package, or similar packages from Indiegogo or the Gorgon Shop), that title is now available! (Assuming that you filled out the backer form to tell us what title you want... we are still waiting on those forms for dozens of people.)

All characters on your account will automatically receive the title when you log in. You can also give your unique title to other players if you want to. There are two ways: you can use the new chat command /entitle to give your title to a nearby player (e.g. type "/entitle Bob" in chat, without the quotes, to give a player named Bob your title). In addition, you can create scrolls that bestow your title on whoever reads one -- these can be sold or given away. You can create 5 of these scrolls every 7 days. Use the command "/redeem CustomTitleScrolls" to get a stack of 5 scrolls. (You can use the command "/redeem" without anything else to see if your 7 days are up: if it says you have no redemptions available, you still have to wait!)

NOTE: once given out, you cannot take the title away from someone. So take great care!

If you do NOT have a title and you think you should have a title, don't panic -- this is just the first pass, and there may be data errors or omissions. Just let us know and we'll straighten it out in the next game update!

Note: player-owned titles are colored yellow for now, but we are still deciding on colors, so that may change.

Player Titles

Please do not list the name of the player who can grant the title, unless they approve their inclusion