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Joined 22 February 2017

As of the 9 May patch, I'm offline. I cannot play the game with the new patch. Game no longer will even launch for me. Perhaps in some future patch, I'll be back. Arindor (talk) 10:21, 11 May 2017 (CDT)

I found that my crashing issues were caused by the game crashing and not exiting. I ended up with multiple copies running in memory, with nothing showing on screen. When I cleaned that up, I was able to log in (as of the 11 May patch). I managed to get one of my chars out of Serbule and up to Eltibule. It seems I can play there with all my old settings. So the main problem seems to be Serbule. I found a set of overrides where I could last longer than a few minutes in Serbule before crashing. I noticed that there are EXTENSIVE objects that are not obeying the clipping settings in Serbule (examples: Brain Bugs, stumps/grapes, cemetery gravestones, crates on the ship), in addition to the terrain. I believe the performance problems that some of us are facing are due to the GPU having to render many more objects (than before), and at extreme distances, due to these objects not clipping. I've made about 4 bug reports on my various alts, with no response from the devs (I'm sure they are busy). In my case, AMD64 8x4GHz, 16GB RAM, old GPU (x2), I am pretty sure this is why my framerate is hovering around 7. However, the game is also consuming nearly 8GB of RAM in Serbule (and I believe leaking memory), which I think is causing user systems to run out of RAM and crash. I'm still not playing much, since I need to get to Serbule for banking/crafting. I'm hoping the devs fix the issues soon. I'll keep checking back though. Arindor (talk) 15:50, 14 May 2017 (CDT)