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|Saw Sword
|A handsaw modified for usage in combat. This weapon inflicts nasty damage to all of your enemies, but can still cut wood nicely.
Requires Sword Level 10

Requires Foraging Level 5
:Each attack has a 35% chance to deal 10 Trauma damage over 10 seconds
Value: 158
Right-Click to Equip

|Beholder's Eye
|A slimy eyeball, obtained from the remains of a Beholder. It has strong magical properties. Despite its gross appearance, it is popular among young wizards.
Requires Fire Magic Level 15

Requires Ice Magic Level 15

Requires Necromancy Level 15
:Max Power +20
: Power from Combat Refresh Abilities +18
: In-Combat Power Regen +4
Value: 216
Right-Click to Equip

|Flint Hammer
|A primitive hammer made during prehistory. It is made out of flint and can easily set stuff on fire.
Requires Hammer Level 20
: Fire Vulnerability +10%
: Direct Cold Mitigation +3
: Pound has a 40% chance to ignite the target, causing them to take 10 damage over 10 seconds.
: Any other attack except for Pound and Pound to Slag have a 70% chance to ignite the target, causing them to take 20 damage over 10 seconds.
: Pound To Slag ignites the target, causing them to take 40 damage over 10 seconds.
Value: 417
Right-Click to Equip