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2/14/20:  Added "'''Eel + 2.1'''" and "'''Shark + 3.1'''" to '''Red's''' hints.
2/10/20:  Added "'''Perch + 1.4'''", "'''Lemon + 12'''" under '''Red''''s hints.
2/10/20:  Added "'''Perch + 1.4'''", "'''Lemon + 12'''" under '''Red''''s hints.

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Hello, everyone! I like filling stuff out on the wiki.






2/14/20: Added "Eel + 2.1" and "Shark + 3.1" to Red's hints.

2/10/20: Added "Perch + 1.4", "Lemon + 12" under Red's hints.

2/9/20: Added "Corn" + 3.6 under Mandible's hint. Changed "Tundra Lichen" to + 8 for Mandibles's hint.

2/5/20: Added "Comfortable" to Floxie- Training Cooking 71-80

Changed "Skinning" to say "Northeastern Eltibule" since it was out of date from the map flip

4/15/19: Updated Kelim - Adjusted "Super Fishy Surprise" from 21 to 8.3

3/27/19: Updated Mandibles - Added "Red Pepper +3.2" to the hint list

3/26/19: Updated Kelim - "Rotten Meat" at "Close Friends" not "Best Friends", "Basic Fertilizer(from Rotten Meat)" at "Best Friends", not "Close Friends"

3/26/19: Mandibles photo taken and added, quote added for mandibles ("I do enjoy interacting with other cultures, and my role of providing fleshy bipeds with consumables does help me learn a great amount about inebriated humanoids. But still, I feel I would be better used on the battlefield. Queen Ravaxis disagrees."), "Green Peppers" added to favor hint.


3/25/19: Added "Tavilak" under places where the "Gemcrusher" can be obtained.