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I'm done editing the wiki. It was a fun little project. Feel free to edit any of the templates I set up.

Hello. You can find me ingame as Gorgonzola ;)

See Project Gorgon Wiki:How to help if you'd like to join in! Check out the "MediaWiki Help" articles there if you're new to wiki editing.

Page Ideas

Coding Stuffs

DPL Extension Testing Ground

On My To-Do List

Templates & Styles

TODO An "infobox" for NPCs with: name, image, location, language (gobs), moneypool.
W.I.P. Upload Icons for Shop lists. Template:vendor table row & Item Icons Guide
TODO Better table templating with even/odd row styles.
TODO Add Elite status (optional) to Template:MOB infobox (for bosses).
W.I.P. Add Notoriety (optional) to Template:MOB infobox (for bosses).
DONE Simple javascript tooltip with the item full name in recipe tables. See Template:Icon.
DONE Repeatable quest icon. See Template:repeatable.
DONE Add Curse option to Template:MOB infobox (for bosses).
DONE Improve Template:Quote. See Quote Template Demos.
DONE Basic Armor/Health/Rage for foes. Template:MOB infobox.
DONE Item template with icons! Item Template Demos
DONE SPOILER tag using Template (ie. customizable). Template:Spoiler

Game Updates

DONE Archiving game update notes and linking the latest one on the front page (using DPL). Game updates

Longer term (more complex)

TODO Javascript based Map with POIs, so it's easier for people to expand (eg. through adding x/y coordinates) and also allow to filter them or hide them (spoilers).

Icons and Images

A list of icons and imagesI created to be used in articles, put here so I don't forget about them:

Regarding my edits

  • I use a __NOTOC__ for most pages that I don't expect to be long. People are accustomed to mouse wheels, and the TOC tends to make the top of the article look bad with a lot of white space (a solution would be to float the TOC to the right in some pages, that may be doable with a template). The __NOTOC__ marker can always be removed later if something gets long enough.
  • I've added image tags ( [[File:foo.jpg]] ) to many pages without an actual image. This is a way to keep track of images that can be added later, through Special:WantedFiles. Feel free to go through the list and add missing images!
  • The more templates the better, since they are includes. Templates like "monster stats" can be expanded after alpha, with minimal edits (adding parameters to the templates used in the articles).
  • NPC, Dungeon, Skill and Zone templates are just copy pasterino. They are not actual templates as that would be quite complex to handle (I presume parameters would be too long).