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Name: Lunaera. Gender: Female. Age: Unknown. Race: Unknown/Shapeshifer. Class: Priestess/Druid. Alignment: Neutral Good.

Bio: Lunaera is a panpriest and a shapeshifter. What is a panpriest you might wonder? Well a panpriest is a priest who reveres *most* of the gods. However her primaries are Dreva, Akhisa, Norala and Arisetsu (Priest). She however is violently opposed to the god of the Ranalon, Enoyos. She takes many forms but you'll almost never see her in a humanoid form. You're most likely to see her as a Wolf (Lycanthropy) but you may also catch her as a deer, spider, cow, pig, or bird (druid). Lunaera is also an advocate for nature and the natural order. She is very much a jack of all trades. She is always happy to help those in need. Even humans. (But not Ranalon). Her original form is unknown.


She does not like humans.

She thinks elves are fun.

She likes the moral raksasha and dislikes the immoral raksasha.

She really likes fae.

She is neutral on dwarves.

She admires some orcs, dislikes others.

She finds goblins useful and is fluent in goblinese.

She HATES Ranalon.

She loves fellow sentient beasts.

She is intrigued by sentient mantis.