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== War Cache Dungeons ==
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==Points of Interest==
==Points of Interest==
==== Minotaur Vault ====
==== Minotaur Vault ====

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War Caches
War Caches (map).png
Map of War Caches (click for larger size)
Connects to
Area Level
50 - 60
File:War CachesPlayerMap.png
Portal or entrance caption.

War Caches are small dungeons in the Ilmari Desert that can be reached by taking a quest given by Sir Johnson.

Each unique War Cache will have a code identifier in the quest log. (e.g. "S-2" or "T-1")


Each time a player visits a War Cache, the map will appear fogged, and no Cartography experience will be given for exploration. However, each War Cache will have the same map layout and location of chests, bosses, and rune clues.

Click Expand to view maps for individual War Caches

D-1: War Cache D-1.jpg D-2: War Cache D-2.jpg

S-1: War Cache S-1.jpg S-2: War Cache S-2.jpg

War Cache Dungeons


Sir Johnson

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Points of Interest

Minotaur Vault

Each War Cache contains one Minotaur Vault, a special type of chest that may be opened by solving a Mastermind-style code breaking puzzle.

Rune Clues

There are 12 possible runes for the Minotaur Vault, but only six will be used for a given puzzle. These are labeled on wall decorations. The rune clues and vault solution are instanced per player.