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Beast Speak:
Skill Trainer:
Treasure Cartography
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Yasinda is a Rakshasa currently living in Hogan's Keep. She traveled here to find her daughter Sinda, who she believes went missing after partnering with a Human sage named Sir Villas Wake. Yasinda is named after her great-grandmother, who was a master cartographer from the Rakshasa world of Ravana. Her mate died a year ago, and she is torn over whether she should find another mate or not.

Human sages are wormy and bookish, preferring knowledge over power. It's obscene! Everyone knows that knowledge without use is immoral. A wise sage that can't even defend himself from monsters is... it's disgusting. How do humans tolerate such behavior?! And why would Sinda willingly learn from such a pathetic creature? What did I do wrong?

My Daughter left Povus to work for a human and learn his miserable human trade. She spurned the family history of cartography and shamed me. But I still miss her.


Found in a blue and yellow tent in Hogan's Keep.

Small Talk [view/edit]

  • Likes Magic Necklaces Hint
  • Loves Onyx Hint
  • Likes Ancient Coins Hint
  • Likes Spleens Hint


Favor Rewards


Treasure Cartography
Unlock Level Cost Favor
 0    0 councils   [Friends] 
Recipe:  1    165 councils   [Friends] 
Recipe:  8    400 councils   [Close Friends] 
Recipe:  16    1000 councils   [Best Friends] 
Recipe:  24    1600 councils   [Like Family] 

Hang Out

  • Discuss Yasinda's disappointment with her daughter's choice of profession (3h)
27 favor with Yasinda
1 Earrings of Community


Winter Celebration
[Friends] Favor -
[Like Family] Favor -


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