Arising From The Sands

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This quest is a level 55 Druidic Emergency occurring in Ilmari with multiple variations depending on the number of Druids online at the start of the event. Druids will receive the Druidic Emergency debuff, granting +10% Base Druid Damage while blocking earned combat experience, crafting experience, and combat wisdom. This debuff stays until the event has been completed.


To participate in this quest, the player must be a Druid. An hour before the beginning of the event, all Druids will receive a Druidic Premonition indicating the coming of a Druidic Emergency.


Relics from a long-finished war arise in the sands of the Ilmari Desert. These 'overseers' are remnants of a demonic army. They will communicate with their demon masters and convey the state of our world to outsiders. Druids, slay these creatures quickly! Every moment they exist puts our world in further peril.

Their otherworldly defenses would prove too much even for your powers, so I have augmented your 'Rotskin' ability. Use it to cut through their preliminary shielding.


Expected Participants: 10

  • Kill 20 Desert Overseers

Expected Participants: 20

  • Kill 50 Desert Overseers

Expected Participants: 30

  • Kill 90 Desert Overseers


Rewards for Arising From The Sands

You have broken the ranks of the creatures. Some remain, but perhaps that works to our advantage: they will communicate back to their masters that this world is not an easy target.

You have done well today, my druids. Go with Dreva's blessings.

  • Dreva's Blessings (Druidic Currency)