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An example of a creature with a Crown symbol.

Crown Quests are a mechanic first introduced in March of 2016. Sometimes, an Adventurer will encounter a creature with a silver crown glowing over its head. Defeating this creature will grant the Adventurer a quest. Upon completion, rewards will be bestowed upon them.

Serbule Crown Quests


Serbule Hills Crown Quests

  • Hunting: Black Widow Spiders
Kill 10 Spiders in Serbule Hills
These highly venomous spiders eat many dangerous pests. However, they also like to eat people, and they especially love sneaking up on campers and caravans in the night.
Reward: 50 Arthropod Anatomy XP & 250 Combat XP (Active Skills)
  • Hunting: Deer
Kill 10 Deer in Serbule Hills
Deer are found in most every healthy forest ecosystem. They breed quickly and eat voraciously, so nobody is upset when deer are hunted.
Reward: 50 Ruminant Anatomy XP & 250 Combat XP (Active Skills)
  • Hunting: Fire Sheep
Kill 5 Fire Sheep in Serbule Hills
Fire sheep were not by a deranged wizard, as is often suggested. Instead, they are an exciting step forward in the natural evolution of sheep. These creatures are very fragile but are much safer than their non-igniting brethren because local predators have learned to run away from the smell of smouldering wool.
Reward: 50 Non-Ruminant Ungulate Anatomy XP & 350 Combat XP (Active Skills)
  • Hunting: Guard Scrays
Kill 8 Guard Scrays in Serbule Hills
Scrays act as faithful companions to the Ranalon, much like dogs do for humans. They are equally at home in water or land, and their stingers inject acid deep inside their victims, causing horrible delayed death. They are most dangerous in packs.
Reward: Fish and Snail Anatomy XP & 500 Combat XP (Active Skills)
  • Hunting: Ranalon Gardeners
Kill 10 Ranalon Gardeners in Serbule Hills
Perhaps the weakest caste of ranalon, but also the most numerous, are the gardeners. They scavenge the land for resources and can also be found deep in lakes, tending to their underwater gardens. They are fast -- VERY fast -- and can chase their prey long distances.
Reward: 50 Fish and Snail Anatomy XP & 500 Combat XP (Active Skills)
  • Hunting: Ranalon Stone Shapers
Kill 6 Ranalon Stone Shapers in Serbule Hills
Stoneshapers can pull stone from deep beneath the earth, and use these stones to create most Ranalon buildings. They also serve on the battlefield where they hamper enemy movement. When cornered, they can pull stones from the ground to protect themselves, creating a dense shield that absorbs most attacks.
Reward: 50 fishing and Snail Anatomy XP & 500 Combat XP (Active Skills)
  • Hunting: Rats
Kill 10 Rats in Serbule Hills
Generally considered harmless, some rats do carry diseases. But for the most part even the gigantic varieties are non-hostile. In rural areas they are either treated as pests or pets, depending on how big of an impact they have on local agriculture.
Reward: 50 Rodent Anatomy XP & 250 Combat XP (Active Skills)
  • Hunting: Sheep
Kill 10 Sheep in Serbule Hills
Although their distant grandparents were domestic sheep, these feral sheep will not tolerate being sheared. They are aggressive toward anyone that gets close.
Reward: 50 Ruminant Anatomy XP & 250 Combat XP (Active Skills)
  • Hunting: Tigers
Kill 10 Tigers in Serbule Hills
There are more tigers here than could possibly be natural. Moreover, many of the tigers are sickly and unwell. Wherever they came from, they apparently can't go home again.
Reward: 50 Feline Anatomy XP & 300 Combat XP (Active Skills)
  • Hunting: Wild Chickens
Kill 6 Chickens in Serbule Hills
All the "wild" chickens in Serbule Hills descend from a chicken farm that was overrun by goblins. The smartest chickens escaped capture, and they have since spread throughout the hills. They lay far fewer eggs than domestic chickens, but they're still delicious when fried.
Reward: 50 Dinosaur Anatomy XP & 200 Combat XP (Active Skills)
  • Hunting: Wild Pigs
Kill 10 Wild Pigs in Serbule Hills
These pigs were never tame; they tolerate their feral brethren, but they attack most other creatures without fear. Wild pigs are not prey animals: they're omnivorous, intelligent, and vicious.
Reward: 50 Non-Ruminant Ungulate Anatomy & 350 Combat XP (Active Skills)

Eltibule Crown Quests

  • Hunting: Gnashers
Kill 10 Gnashers
The so-called Gnasher is a dinosaur from a distant land, imported by the Council to counter the uncontrolled spread of Uraks and other problem pests. However, gnashers are now as big a threat as any of the other invasive species. They are able to cut through armor with incredible ease.
Reward: ?

Kur Mountains Crown Quests


Sun Vale Crown Quests


Ilmari Crown Quests


Rahu Crown Quests