Death Effects and Diseases

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Three player tombstones or more make a graveyard for Necromancy's purposes.

Enter the Light

Sometimes after dying you have the option to "enter the light." Just try it. It´s entertaining. It is also fast way of getting to Serbule Keep. "Enter The Light" option was first offered to my young toon on his 96th death.


Occasionally when your character dies or gets attacked by a diseased animal there is a possibility that the monster will pass on a disease to the character. These are permanent unless cured in a very specific manner.

Another way to get a dangerous disease is through a Power Word, such as Power Word: Leprosy.


When a player character dies, a tombstone is left behind. If you are embarrassed about the way in which you were disposed of (which is minutely detailed on the tombstone for other players to read) you can remove it by interacting with it. Clearing your tombstone(s) is otherwise cosmetic, unless you play in Hardcore Mode.

Hardcore Mode

Hardcore Death Penalty is an option available from the signpost near the well in Serbule Keep. When you die in Hardcore Mode, in addition to being sent back to a respawn point some of your items become broken. In order to use them again, you must take them back to the location you died. That is, you have to walk back to your tombstone(s).