Ice Giants

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This quest is a level 50 Druidic Emergency occurring in the Kur Mountains with multiple variations depending on the number of Druids online at the start of the event. Druids will receive the Druidic Emergency debuff, granting +10% Base Druid Damage while blocking earned combat experience, crafting experience, and combat wisdom. This debuff stays until the event has been completed.


To participate in this quest, the player must be a Druid. An hour before the beginning of the event, all Druids will receive a Druidic Premonition indicating the coming of a Druidic Emergency.


Hark druids, in a cold and distant land named Kur, a dangerous enemy plots and schemes. You need not deal with this foe directly, but you must stymie her plans before they come to fruition. From the frozen waters come many giant ice elementals, each as strong as ten soldiers. Dismantle them. Nature is, as always, your ally, so you should have little fear of the icy winds while my blessing is upon you. Now go!


Expected Participants: 10

  • Kill 20 Giant Frost Elementals

Expected Participants: 20

  • Kill 50 Giant Frost Elementals

Expected Participants: 30

  • Kill 90 Giant Frost Elementals


Rewards for Ice Giants

I sense the seething rage of our dangerous foe. This can only mean that you have succeeded! Many thanks to you. Bury your fallen comrades and go back to your simple lives. Do not worry overmuch about any remaining elementals -- they will decay in time, for their master no longer drives them.

  • Dreva's Blessings (Druidic Currency)