Revenge For Slavery, Pt. 3

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George Madler asked you to kill a bear named Graz. He doesn't know where Graz lives, though, except that it's likely in a cave filled with goblins.


To start this quest, talk to George Madler in Eltibule. The quest is available at [Friends] favor.


The third person I need revenge on isn't really a goblin at all. It's a bear. A bear named Graz, famous for eating disobedient slaves. I lost track of where they'd moved Graz. There were some cave-ins around here recently, and the tribe that owned him is missing. Hell, Graz may be dead already. I just need to know Graz will never hurt another slave. Can you make sure of that?


  • Kill the bear named Graz
  • Talk to George Madler


Rewards for Revenge For Slavery, Pt. 3

Graz is dead? Graz is dead! Yes! That's wonderful news! Thank you so much!