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Game updates/2022-07-03


World Boss event canceled

Due to an issue that can cause mass lockups in a zone, we are shutting down the current run of the World Bosses. We have detected some clues that may lead us to the cause of this problem, but will require more research and a game patch to fix. We are sorry for the inconvenience, but we feel this is the best course of action.

The 1000 VIP Challenge is over!

Not only did we break our goal of 1000 VIPs, we surpassed and now have over 1100 active VIP accounts! Thanks to your support, we gained another 265 active VIP accounts during the challenge! Everyone will get the weekend of Super Buffs later this month. Since we also past the bonus threshold of 1100, everyone will get a Limited Edition Vanity Pet! What's so special about this pet? Well, up to this point, vanity pets just stood there and did nothing. This pet will be the first vanity pet that actually does something! The pet will be claimable only for a limited time starting with our next coming game update. Also with this next game update, all accounts that were an active VIP on July 31, 2022, will be able to redeem a unique special gift for their participation in the challenge! Thank you to everyone that participated in the VIP Challenge and for choosing to support Project: Gorgon!

Challenge Completed! Bonus Time!

The 1000 VIP Challenge has been completed!!! We will schedule a 48 hour session of super buffs for everyone during a weekend in August. The exact dates will be announced shortly after August 1st. Now, for the bonus round! If we can reach 1100 active VIP accounts by the end of July, we will release a special cosmetic pet for everyone! What is this pet? We're not telling! Hit the goal and you'll find out! We want to thank everyone who has chosen to support Project: Gorgon through the VIP program. Your support dollars will not be wasted!

Update Notes: July 3, 2022

This is a minor update to make adjustments to the Summertime Experience event which starts tomorrow. There are a few other changes and bug-fixes:

- Add better handling of rapid changes in a humanoid's equipment. This should fix the bug where some players' textures display as bright pink
- Remove duplicate Blitz Shot 6 training option from Alravesa (#15308)
- The "Heed The Stick" mod that grants mitigation from direct attacks will now always last 10 seconds (#15322)
- More debug info to track down remaining "stuck on loading screen" bugs
- The local player mesh is now optimized again, this functionality broke as part of recent loading optimizations
- Deselecting an object that has just changed (such as a flower as part of gardening) will no longer re-select the object, or previously-selected objects
- The Healing-Suit Tester (a high-level boss) now recovers less health when there's only a few healing crystals

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