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Recent updates

This page includes the five most recent game updates. You are welcome to tidy up the formatting and add wiki links, but please keep any discussion in the Talk pages as these Game updates are meant to be verbatim from the launcher update notes. Game updates can be found on the launcher, or at the following link:

If you are returning to the game and want short summaries of what was changed, see Quick Notes.

For information on possible future content, please see Knowledge of the Future.


This update contains a number of additions to Rahu aimed at making it more useful as a hub for high-level players. There is more to be done but this should be a big push in the right direction.

Rahu now has its own player work order board. Note that this is not connected to the Serbule work order board, so you can place your full allotment of orders on both boards simultaneously. The intent is that the Serbule work order board is for items that low-level players can obtain, and the Rahu board is for higher-level items. But there are no explicit restrictions on which items can go where, so we'll just see how things evolve.

There is a new portal on the south side of the map that connects to Gazluk. Note that this will change eventually: in the final game, Rahu is supposed to connect to a different landmass, so this portal will eventually be replaced with a connection to a different one

Daniel Murderdark has storage slots available for his friends.

Some additional resource nodes and monsters were added to Rahu, including some mining nodes in the desert itself (around the hills), and a very early version of the "prison mine" area south of town.

The idea for the mine is that it's full of mining nodes which can be harvested to obtain a wide range of minerals -- often junk, but sometimes quite rare. Prisoners wander around constantly, but they ignore you unless you get very close to them. (They have a short detection radius.) However, the prison guards are much more observant, and can bring prisoners into the fight to back them up.

All of Rahu is still a work in progress, so there's no need to report graphical issues at this time unless they're very flagrantly bad. And while the "prison mine" is definitely a work in progress, it would still be useful to hear feedback on the difficulty/reward of this area! (Especially if it's super tough, super rewarding, super boring, etc.)

Force Low-Res

If you have trouble logging a character into the game, there's now an easy way to lower the graphics settings. On the character select screen, press and hold the Ctrl key on your keyboard (on macs, the Mac key also works). This will make the "Enter World" button become "Enter World FORCE LOW-RES". Press the button and your graphics preset will be changed to the lowest level, "Retro-Terrible", and full-screen mode will be turned off. Once you log in, open the Settings window and change your graphics to the desired level.

This is a sort of replacement for the "Safe Mode" feature in the Gorgon launcher (because the launcher isn't used on Steam!). Note that FORCE LOW-RES doesn't turn off all your graphics overrides. If you manually overrode some graphics settings and FORCE LOW-RES isn't doing the trick to let you log in, a common fix is to create a new character. That's because the tutorial island (Anagoge Island) is specially set up to be low-graphics-intensive, and you will almost certainly be able to log in to the island in FORCE LOW-RES mode. Once you're on the island, you can change your graphics settings as desired, log out, and log back in with your main character.

One other thing the FORCE LOW-RES button does is disable the "Special Settings" features until you log out. So you can use FORCE LOW-RES to turn off OptimizeMeshes or other special settings if there's a problem.

(Oh, and by the way: you can also hold down the Shift key on the log in screen to log in "incognito". In incognito mode, friends won't be notified you logged in, the /who command won't include you, your guild's log won't indicate that you logged in, etc.)

Fog Changes

In outdoor areas, there are no more "partially-cleared fog" squares, as it was difficult to visually interpret.

In outdoor areas, fog is cleared in a wider radius as you move around the map.

In dungeons, the "partial fog" color is denser (that is, foggier) to make it easy to parse while still conveying useful information.

In dungeons, fog colors are normalized, removing super-bright white backgrounds that were used on some maps.

Other Changes

Enabled basic occlusion culling in Serbule Hills, since the occlusion culling in Serbule seemed to go well. As before, if there are problems you can disable occlusion culling by adding NoCull to the special settings window.

The tooltip info for spell effects now shows the name of the person or thing that cast it on you (unless it's you). A caveat: when you switch areas (or logout and log back in) with active spells on, the client no longer knows who cast those spells on you, so it can't display any caster info.

Fixed broken "wolf whistle" so that wolves spawn in the appropriate place (part of the alpha lycanthropy quest).

Added a few more entries to the "things to do" list for Anagoge Island.

Nerfed biting vines' damage.

Paul Vaughn now sells handsaws and other things vaguely pertaining to woodworking (since he's a lumberjack).

Durstin Tallow's footlocker: you could gain access to the footlocker by becoming Friends with Durstin. However due to a bug, you could actually access it immediately via the "Storage Books" bookshelf. It now works differently: you can buy access to the footlocker at any time by talking to Durstin and paying 100 Councils. You cannot access it from the Storage Books until you pay. (That bug is fixed.) Now if you reach Friends with Durstin, he gives you some power potions instead. (If you already had reached Friends with Durstin, you don't have to pay the 100 Councils.)

Fixed a dummy "Are you sure" box that could appear on the newbie island when you create your first character (or after a fresh reinstall).

Upgraded to a new bug-fix version of Unity to hopefully address some crashing issues.

Fixed issue with male Elven Armor flickering and behaving weirdly.

Fixed issues with the "OptimizeMeshes" optimization, and smoothed out the work so that it doesn't cause quite as noticeable a framerate hit when new players enter your vicinity. At this point we need more volunteers to try it out and report any problems! To use it, open the Settings window, then Special Settings, and type OptimizeMeshes into the box. Note that you need to re-login for the optimization to fully become active (and if you turn it off, you have to relog to fully deactivate it). If you have serious crashing issues and can't log in to turn it off, use the "Start in Safe Mode" option in the launcher, or the FORCE LOW-RES option (see above). This will cause the game to ignore the Special Settings box entirely, allowing you to log in and turn it off.

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Feb 28 Update

This is a small update to improve performance and stability.

Serbule Occlusion Culling

We've enabled basic occlusion culling in Serbule. (We've tried this before in previous versions of Unity but the results were not good enough; results seem better in this version.) It will modestly improve framerate in certain places (and when viewed from certain angles). It's not a huge framerate increase, but we can further improve the occlusion culling in the future; right now we're just testing out this very basic outdoor setup.
It's enabled by default. If you seem to have new crashes or weird behavior in the Serbule area, you can add the word NoCull to the Special Settings window to disable the culling. (Note that if you use NoCull, you will also disable occlusion culling in Gazluk Keep since it uses the same culling system. Other areas use a different system -- or none at all yet -- and will be unaffected.)

Super-Busy-Town Optimization

We've made an optimization that's intended to help framerates when a lot of players crowd together. When there are 15+ selectable things on-screen, the selection boxes stop being repositioned every frame. (In other words, the little box that outlines your selected target will be slower to respond to movement.)
This simple optimization generally improves framerates by several FPS in crowded areas. It's enabled by default, but you can disable it by adding the word NoSlowBoxes to the special settings window. If you do disable it, please send us feedback letting us know why! (So we can improve it in the future.)

"Auto-Adjust Quality Level" Revamp

After some tweaks, we're once again setting the "Auto-Adjust Quality Level" checkbox to "on" for new installations. (Existing installs of the game are unchanged.) This feature helps lower-end PCs find a quality level that gives good framerate, and is especially useful for computers that have good FPS in dungeons but bad FPS in outdoor areas. When your framerate is too low, it will reduce the graphics quality; if it's high it'll increase quality. It will change the quality between 'Bad' and 'Good' (and the levels in between), but not to levels below Bad or above Good. (Those are too shockingly bad and/or too memory-intensive to safely switch to.)

Other Changes

- Optimization: reduced the memory requirements when lots of players are in the same area
- Optimization: reduced the performance impact of the dynamic sky system used in Serbule and Serbule Hills
- Fixed "floating monsters" in Rahu
- Fixed bugs where error messages could get stuck on the screen when you logged out or changed areas
- Adjusted terrain to prevent faux-shadow effects at certain times of day in Serbule
- Added a note to the character creation screen that reads: "Welcome to Project: Gorgon beta! Character artwork is still in development, so when the final customization options are ready you'll be able to re-choose your character's face, body, skin, and hair. (There will also be three more races that can be unlocked through gameplay: fairy, orc, and dwarf.)"
- In the settings window, GUI tab, Chat features, there's a new option for "Hide Spoilers In Chat". It is on by default, meaning that spoilers will still work just as they did before this update. But if you hate having to click on spoiler tags to read them, you can now turn this off. Doing so will effectively "pre-click" spoilers so you can read them immediately.

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Feb 16 Update

Maps and Map-Fog

With this update, most maps now have "fog" that is cleared by exploring the map. This is an important exploration feature because it helps you know where you haven't gone yet, and for newbies, it helps by showing you where you came from. This is our first version of map fog and some zones have relatively ugly fog (with an overly bright or dark background). The visual presentation will be improved in future updates. If you find maps that are unreadable even after the fog is cleared, though, please bug-report the map in question so we don't overlook it.
As you clear this map fog, you will earn XP in a new skill called Cartography. Earning levels in Cartography does nothing right now, but in the future, this will be how you unlock map pins and other map-related stuff.
We've also added basic maps to most dungeons. (The only dungeon without a map should now be the Labyrinth dungeon, and that dungeon will get a map soon.) Note that these are rough maps and some still have miscellaneous geometry in them that isn't actually reachable. For instance, in some "cave" dungeons you can sometimes see boulders just off the map. Those boulders are not actually accessible, and if you could somehow access them, you'd just be standing on a boulder in space. These artifacts will get cleaned up over time.
The tutorial island does not have map fog, because we couldn't decide if it was too overwhelming for newbies or if it actually helped. (Your opinion is desired.) The dungeon on the newbie island DOES have map fog, however.

"Enter the Light" Changed

The "Enter the Light" room no longer has a permanent portal to Serbule. It now has portals to Serbule and Rahu that can be used once every 8 hours (each), plus a portal that takes you to a random destination.
We've said that "Enter the Light" was never meant to be a primary transit system -- just an augment to other travel systems. We left the permanent portal to Serbule during alpha for convenience, but now that alpha is ending, it's important to fix the weird messages this sends to new players. For instance, it taught players that Serbule is the most important city in the game, but in fact when all areas are implemented, we expect Serbule to just be the "newbie city." Another problem is that it teaches players that Teleportation is pointless, since you can always drink some cheap poison instead!
This version of the "Enter the Light" room is still not its final form; the final version won't be possible until Statehelm is added to the game [[[because the "Enter the Light" sewers are actually under Statehelm]]]. This version is just something that's a little less... problematic.
In the short term, this change means travel may be a bit less convenient, but we've improved the Teleportation skill to partially make up for it. (See below.) In the longer term, many other travel features, most notably horses, will improve travel times.

Teleportation Skill Changes

- All Teleportation circles can now be clicked on and used. Doing so brings up the Teleportation recipe list. (If you find a teleportation circle that can't be clicked on, please bug-report it!)
- Rewrote the spell "Recall Circle (Improvised)" to be much more useful. It now works without requiring you to be on a teleportation circle, and has simplified requirements and no pointless "you might die" side-effects
- Changed the requirements of "Bind Alternate Circle" and "Recall Alternate Circle" to be slightly more convenient to use. Slightly.
- Minor tweaks to other teleportation recipe requirements
- New recipe "Summon Portal" is learned at Teleportation 15
- Ratuk the Thinker has a new Teleportation recipe to train: "Recall Alternate Circle (Improvised)"
- New rare-drop book teaches the teleportation recipe "Summon Alternate Portal" (requires Teleportation 33). For now the only place to find it is from elites in Gazluk Keep (although even there, it is not a common drop).
- Cinnamon, the (still-not-yet-written) rabbit in Sun Vale's Animal Town, can help long-term animals teleport back to Animal Town. See Cinnamon for details

Other Change Notes

- Rahu and Animal Town now have transfer chests. These work like the Serbule transfer chest, allowing you to transfer a small number of items between characters on your account
- Fixed bugs that let non-animals use animal-specific items (and, in a few cases, vice-versa)
- Sammie Grimspine had bugs preventing her from teaching Calligraphy. It is now taught via the Training menu.
- One of Joeh's favors still gave Calligraphy XP from when he was a calligraphy teacher. It now gives Sword XP and cash.
- The "Show Vitals Bars over Monsters' Heads" feature used to be a checkbox that was either on or off: either no enemies or all enemies got vitals bars. It now has three modes: "None", "Selected Enemy Only", or "All Enemies". : For new installations of the game, this feature now defaults to Selected Enemy Only. Existing players note: for technical reasons, if you had this option enabled before, it's now set to "Selected Enemy Only", rather than "All Enemies". You can change it in the Settings window under GUI Features.
- Improved the on-screen error/info messages so that up to 4 messages can be displayed at once. (They are now only queued up if there are already 4 messages on screen.)
- Screenshot keybindings work again
- Clownfish are now level 0 fish, like crabs, so they can be picked up by anybody (without needing to collect some crabs first)
- Wild Bluebells are now level 0 Foraging items, so they can be picked up by anybody (without needing to collect apples first)
- The inventory folder that used to be unlocked by reaching Lore level 25 is now unlocked by reaching Lore level 13
- The inventory folder that used to be unlocked by reaching Shamanic Infusion 50 is now unlocked by reaching Shamanic Infusion 25
- Fixed broken "hide equipped items" button on bottom of inventory window
- Some server performance optimizations
- When the casting-bar is shown, you can now click on the icon to the left of the bar to quickly abort the casting
- The "Alpha Tester" title is no longer given to new accounts. (Alpha is almost over! "Beta Tester" title will be given out soon.)
- Durstin Tallow in South Serbule has six new favors that tie together into an overarching "quest arc"
- Worked around a design flaw in Unity 2017.2 that caused degraded performance, especially in large outdoor zones. (This should fix the slowdowns that you could temporarily "fix" by right-clicking and auto-moving to a target.)
- The game no longer shows scary "upgrading your equipment..." messages after game updates. This message was shown whenever an internal version number changed, and it usually didn't correspond to any actual changes to your equipment, so it was deemed to be pointlessly worrisome
- A note about the experimental optimization you can turn on by typing "OptimizeMeshes" into the special settings window: we're still investigating crashes when this is turned on. The crashes are caused by players transforming into animal forms. But it doesn't necessarily have to be YOU that transforms into an animal, it could be anybody around you. So anyway, if the game crashes while OptimizeMeshes is on, turn it off for now. (If it doesn't crash for you, great! It only crashes on some computers.) Further optimizations of the optimization have been postponed until it's not as crashy

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Jan 27 Update

Inventory Folders

Inventory folders are a new way to organize your inventory. Folders don't increase your inventory size -- they just let you split up your inventory into different "bags". (We've avoided calling them "bags" or "packs" because we want to make it more obvious that folders don't increase your inventory.)
Folders are intended for mid- to high-level players, because that's when we think they're most important. So you unlock them by hitting various skill milestones, listed below. Note: you can unlock up to 4 folders, but there are a lot more than 4 skill-unlocks. That's just to give you flexibility!
Unlock a folder by reaching any of these skill milestones: (up to 4 folders max)
- Lore 25
- Endurance 50
- Industry 25
- Retail Management 25
- Dying 50
- Anatomy 25
- Tailoring 50
- Blacksmithing 50
- Civic Pride 25
- Holistic Wellness 25
- Survival Instincts 50
- Shamanic Infusion 50
We would like feedback on this list of skills, so if you feel these are too hard (or too easy) to achieve, please let us know your recommendations.
Additional notes:
- Once you've unlocked an inventory folder, you can change the color of the folder's icon by applying dye to it. There is a special crafting station for this in Shirogin's business (in Rahu)
- The vendor sales window now lets you pick a specific inventory folder to sell from. (The dropdown-box appears in the vendor UI after you've unlocked at least one inventory folder.)

New Unity version: Unity 2017.2

To help address graphics bugs, we've updated to a more modern version of the Unity engine. In local testing, this version has been very stable and has even improved framerate slightly. But whenever we change Unity versions there's a chance that weird bugs creep in. Please report them, and we'll fix them!

UI improvements:

- There is a new button on bottom of the inventory window that lets you search for an item by name. This will search your inventory and all storage containers, and report where the item can be found. (For the text-command-savvy users, this does the same thing as the /isearch command.)
- When you right-click an ingredient in the Crafting window, you can now jump to the recipe that makes that item (if you know that recipe!)
- If you need more favor to purchase a Training menu option, the UI now tells you exactly which favor level you'll need
- The Hunting Party Stats window now highlights a member's name in green when you have that player selected
- When you use a beneficial ability on a member of your hunting party, the beneficial ability's icon briefly appears on the Hunting Party Stats window near their name. This acts as additional feedback to show you've successfully used the ability.
- Shift-clicking an inventory item is once again a shortcut to bring up the Split Stack window
- Beer and hard liquor barrels now have a right-click-menu entry to empty the barrel (if you know the recipe to do that)
- Installed new higher-resolution maps for Kur Mountains, Gazluk Plateau, Ilmari Desert, and Rahu

Food tweaks:

- Recipes for meals, snacks, and instant-heal foods are labeled as such in the crafting window sidebar list
- The tooltip for snack foods now states even more explicitly "This is a snack". (They also still indicate they are snacks in the tooltip's list of attributes.)
- All drink foods (such as apple juice, raw egg blend, myconutmeg, bitter mint tea, mushroom smoothies, etc.) have been turned into Snacks instead of Meals. Remember that snacks stack with meals, so this change means you can eat a baked potato and drink an apple juice to get both effects at once.
- Items with metabolism costs once again show this cost in the tooltip
- "Wolfsbane Muffins" now actually work as food (bad food, but food), like their tooltip suggested. If the Gourmand skill report doesn't indicate that you've eaten one already, you will need to eat a new one. (To earn a whopping 40 gourmand XP.)

Other changes and bug fixes:

- Some magical items (ones that had no enchantments with level requirements) could not be distilled into phlogiston or decomposed into components.
- The right-click menu for some magical items listed multiple entries for "Distill Item" or "Decompose Item". This happened when the item was eligible for several categories at once due to the levels of the mods on the item.
Now, for simplicity, only the highest-level eligible recipe of each type is listed in the menu.
- Fixed scenarios where keyboard input could get out of sync when entering text for an NPC (such as vendor stalls' "Leave a note for the owner" or a calligraphy table's "Inscribe Item" feature)
- Modestly lowered the max health of most elites and bosses in Gazluk Keep
Finally, a note about the "OptimizeMeshes" optimization added in the last update: this still works, and it's still considered experimental. (But reports have generally suggested it's a good optimization, so you might want to consider it -- see last update's notes below.) We're planning some tweaks and improvements to this optimization, but for now the code is exactly the same as before. We didn't want to change any of the low-level graphics code in the same update that we switched Unity versions. (That would make it harder to diagnose problems, if there are any!) Further tweaks will come soon.

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Jan 18 Update

This update focuses mostly on behind-the-scenes work in preparation for Steam integration, but none of that is live yet! In terms of tangible features, there are some graphics improvements, bug fixes, and a few new tweaks to the UI.

New Experimental Optimization

There is a new optimization that combines humanoid avatar meshes at runtime. In theory, this can improve framerate in areas where there are a lot of humanoids, such as in Serbule town or Gazluk Keep (which is full of orc monsters, which are humanoids). However, it uses slightly more video memory in exchange. It also isn't guaranteed to be an optimization at all, it could slightly lower framerate instead. It really depends on ... well, a lot of technical stuff. Bottom line: we want you to try this out and see if it helps your framerate. If it helps a lot of people, we'll add it in permanently. If most people don't see any real change, we'll toss it out.
To enable it, add the word OptimizeMeshes to your Special Settings tab in the game's settings screen. THEN LOG OUT or switch areas. The optimization is not fully active until you load a new area. (It also isn't fully turned OFF until you load a new area, so keep that in mind if you turn it off!)
The effect should be more noticeable on low-end video cards. The game also uses a different loading process when this optimization is on, which means that loading a new area may be a bit slower or faster than before. (It can go either way depending on the computer.)
Please use the forum to tell us how it goes!

New Graphics-Quality Settings

There are now two new quality settings that require a less-powerful computer than the previous lowest setting. We've also renamed all the settings to be a little more straightforward -- the old "fastest, fast, simple, good, beautiful" naming convention was a bit confusing. We've also numbered the settings to prevent any ambiguity. The previous low-end setting was 'Fastest' and it's now called '0: Bad'. But now there are two more settings below it, "-1: Abysmal" and "-2: Retro-Terrible". You may not be able to tolerate how ugly these settings are -- the latter one is REALLY ugly because the textures are reduced to blurry abstractions, as if you were playing on a 90s video game console. But even if you don't want to use these graphics levels in the long term, they're very useful for debugging. If the game crashes in '0: Bad' but the crashes stop in '-2: Retro-Terrible', that helps us narrow down the problem.
There is also a new graphics-quality setting at the high end of the spectrum, "6: Ultra". This is not actually 100% max-spec, you can still crank some of the overrides up more, but it's a better base to build off of, and it definitely requires more computing power. Ultra also uses fancier shaders for water, which have caused trouble with some video drivers in the past, especially DirectX 9 drivers. If you have crashes in Ultra, first try overriding the water quality level to a lower setting and see if the crashes stop. (We cannot fix that shader issue on our end, so if it affects your card, your only option is to reduce the water quality to turn that shader off. But if your machine can run in Ultra then you probably have a very modern card and hopefully this won't be a problem for you.)
If you enable "auto-adjust quality settings", it will never lower your setting below 0, nor raise it above 5. So all three of the new settings require you to manually switch to them in the Settings window.

Other Graphics Fixes:

- Disabled some Unity optimizations that may have been causing some players to experience crashes.
- Added some small optimizations for low-end video cards
- The "Water Quality" advanced override was not correctly saving on exit
- The "Texture Memory Restriction" setting was actually changing the LOD Bias, so there was no way to actually set the texture memory restriction

General Changes, Fixes, and Additions:

- Added a new keyboard binding for "Show/Hide Monster Info". This enables or disables the window you can see by pressing the "i" icon on the target portrait. (Note that you must have a monster selected for the monster info card to show.)
- The bug-report window now has a slot to drop an item. If you're reporting a buggy item, please include it in the report! (The item will not be removed from your inventory, of course.)
- The Item Info panel's Crafting tab now includes recipes for which the item is an optional ingredient, such as brewing components. Note that recipes that can take large categories of equipment are NOT included here, because it's too spammy and makes the entire listing useless. This means that item-crafting recipes, augmentation recipes, and faux-recipes (for skills such as hoplology) are not listed.
- If you have a recipe to distill, decompose, or extract augments from an item, the item's right-click menu now includes links to jump to that recipe instantly
- Added titles for each the existing behavior badges. You earn the corresponding title whenever you have the behavior badge, and you lose the title if you lose the behavior badge. Note: the titles are synched up whenever you login or switch areas, not instantaneously after you gain (or lose) a behavior badge.
- Out-of-combat sprint boost buffs are now listed in the persona window's General Stats
- Tokens of Norala are now listed in the persona window's pseudo-currency section
- You can now 'hear' poetry from the poetry podium up to 40 meters away. This range is sufficient to hear the podium virtually anywhere in the Serbule inn, and some outdoor locations
- Previously, using the "dusty journal" in the Serbule Crypt gave you a book item, and using the item showed the book text. Now when you click on the dusty journal, you get an entry in the Books and Lore window, which you can view any time without the need for an inventory item. This makes the item obsolete, and it will be gone from your inventory if you were carrying it. Click on the journal in the dungeon again to add the entry to your Books and Lore window.
- the NPC favor meter did not update when a favor was completed (until you closed the interaction window and started a new conversation)
- Logging out with one character and back in with another will no longer show the first character's favor levels for the second character.
- The graphical effect shown when you use a survey map was accidentally tied to your game's framerate, so that if your framerate was low it took longer than intended to complete. It is now always a fixed short duration.
- Guild officers can now clear the message of the day either from a guild sign or via "/guild message" (leaving a blank message now clears it.)
- When a party member leaves an area by teleportation, their map icon no longer remains where they teleported.
- Some distillation and augmentation recipes did not correctly limit the gear that was used in them to the appropriate level range
- Gingerbread and candy cane food items did not show an effect icon (although their effects did work)
- Fixed missing icons for cannibalism guilt effects
- Icons for dye pots once again indicate the dye color
- WindowsPlayer.exe should no longer hang when you quit the game.
- Fixed bugs where NPC sidebar options (Talk, Smalltalk, Barter, Shop, etc.) were listed in different orders for different NPCs. Also, tweaked the ordering a bit to be more intuitive.
- When an NPC initiated a progress-bar sequence (such as when Elmetaph teaches you Teleportation on the newbie island), the dialog window for the NPC remained visible when it should have been hidden. If you used options in that dialog while the progress-bar filled up, or just closed the dialog window, you went into an invalid state: the progress-bar would finish filling, but nothing would happen. Now, the dialog box is hidden until the progress bar is finished (or you abort it by moving), and you can't get into an invalid state. Unless there's other bugs, of course.

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