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Recent updates

This page includes the five most recent game updates. You are welcome to tidy up the formatting and add wiki links, but please keep any discussion in the Talk pages as these Game updates are meant to be verbatim from the launcher update notes. Game updates can be found on the launcher, or at the following link:

If you are returning to the game and want short summaries of what was changed, see Quick Notes.

For information on possible future content, please see Knowledge of the Future.

July 21 Update

This week's snapshot focuses on bug fixes, especially some recent client crashes. This is also the first build that will require a 64-bit OS.

Mushrooms & Mushroom Farming

- The various caves in Gazluk are flagged as caves for purposes of growing mushrooms, aging cheese, etc.
- The XP earned from higher-level Substrate has been reduced.
- The XP earned from higher-level Grow Boxes has been increased.
- Mushroom teleportation recipe scrolls are now properly destroyed after use.
- Mushroom grow-boxes with long durations could not be used more than once. The intended design is that they can be restarted for as long as their duration remains. (When the duration runs out, they can still be harvested, but won't grow more mushrooms.)
- The mushroom farming skill report indicated the wrong number of available grow-boxes. (It was based on your Brewing skill instead of your Mushroom Farming skill.)
- The recipe for Lucky Mushroom Box (12 hour) now requires a Field Mushroom Suspension, not a Parasol Mushroom Suspension.
- The recipe description for Epic Crop Mushroom Box differed from the item description. It needs 2x substrate, not 3x.
- The recipe for "Epic Crop Mushroom Box" requires level 25, not level 5.
- The "Lucky Mushroom Box (48 hour)" had only a 36-hour duration.
- The mushroom circle in Serbule now contains some permanent mushrooms, so it can no longer be picked completely clean.

Quests & Stuff

- The version of Rick Snapley's hangout "Throw Darts and Drink Beer" intended for animals was instead available to non-animals only. (So non-animals had two of the same-named hangout available to them.)
- Added some dialog to Rick Snapley to indicate when he has the "Proof of Rahu's Involvement" quest available.
- For the favor "Safer Crystal Transport", which requires two different items, the quest status for the second item did not update until the first item had been obtained.
- Torgan's Shield did not require Hardcore death penalty as intended.
- Torgan's trade for Dark Alicorns has changed so that it just needs resources, not an alicorn. (It would always take the cheapest-value alicorn from your inventory, which may not be the desired outcome.)

Abilities & Stuff

- Fixed an aggro bug that caused armor damage to count as negative aggro. This bug would be most noticeable at the beginning of fights (when monsters are losing lots of armor).
- Treasure mod "Rotskin deals +X% Armor damage and boosts your Nice Attack Damage +Y% for 10 seconds" was not lasting 10 seconds.
- Slashing Strike 2 and 3 could be learned without knowing the lower-tier versions. Also, all three versions could be used on your Unarmed ability bar at the same time, with separate timers, instead of being upgrades of each other as intended.

Guilds & Stuff

- Fixed an error that caused "/guild auditlogs" to fail if there was a bad entry in the audit logs. However, we do not yet know what generated those "bad entries" in the audit logs -- they will now show up as "(missing entry of type FOO)", where FOO will be a useful clue to help us debug it. If you see this, please report what the FOO in that sentence is displayed as, and if you have insight into how it happened, that'd be very useful also!
- Fixed an error that could cause "/who all" to fail if someone logged off right as the command was processing.
- Fixed an error that could cause "/guild who" to fail if someone logged ON right as the command was processing.
- The guild help (from /guild help) now documents the correct guildmaster command to remove someone from the guild: it is /guild eject, not /guild kick. (The latter is reserved for future management of the guild chat channel.)
- If a player is renamed (by an admin), their name in the guild will be updated the next time the player logs on.

Other Stuff

- The Windows client now requires a 64-bit version of Windows.
- Fixed a crash that could happen immediately upon logging in (or entering a new area).
- Fixed hole in geometry in Snowblood Shadow Cave, near entrance.
- Fixed a bug that let you distill augments into phlogiston.
- The text descriptions for basic/strong/pungent rennet now indicate that they give you two rennet per recipe.
- Ability scrolls and poetry books now have their own respective icons.
- Added a new icon for Eyestalks.
- Bitter-Mint Tea no longer uses the icon for butter.
- Fixed Fainor's butter recipe icon.
- Various weekend buff events now have appropriate icons.
- The signpost text "-Fogula Melben, Propietress" no longer has a new line in the middle of Fogula's name.
- Giant Phrenology no longer references humans instead of giants.
- Small tweaks to format of the sources_abilities.json and sources_recipes.json files.

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July 14 Update #2

This small bug-fixing update includes these changes:

- A number of dungeons in the lower-level zones of the game had disappeared - but they are back now!
- Picking fruit off of a tree had the disconcerting habit of causing the tree trunk to despawn while the fruit stayed behind, hanging in mid-air. This is now fixed.
- The new mummy boss, Baruti, has had his stats adjusted. We look forward to your feedback on that encounter, both the stats and the mechanics.
- Sona now gives less favor for phlogiston.
- Bellema Deftwhisper now unlocks Crossbow 50-60.

You MUST start the game through the launcher in order to have this update work properly.

July 14 Update

New Prestonbule

The small community in the New Prestonbule Cave in Gazluk has some new residents! In addition, old residents have seen some changes, including new Favors and Hangouts -- and a new Skill.
- Rick Snapley has two more Favors. (The first of which appears when you reach Comfortable.)
- Rick Snapley was an armor/weapons vendor. He is now a general vendor, purchasing any type of item.
- Mox Warcut is no longer a mycologist -- he's officially a chemist now! Elements pertaining to mycology, including several of his Favors and unlocking higher level Mycology, have been migrated to the new NPC Hemmit Magmagrip.
- Similarly, elements involving transmutation have been moved from Bellema Deftwhisper to the new NPC Sona.

Mushroom Farming

One of the new things to learn in New Prestonbule is a new Skill: Mushroom Farming. This Skill requires Mycology 60 to learn.
The goal is for Mushroom Farming to reward patience and planning, without being especially cumbersome in other ways (such as needing super rare special components). We especially want feedback on whether the system is "discoverable" without external instructions.


The level requirement for various mycology component recipes has been changed. Recipes of the type "XXX Mushroom Flakes", "XXX Mushroom Powder", or "XXX Mushroom Suspension" now have the same level requirement as is needed to pick that kind of mushroom. For instance, Mycena Mushrooms require Mycology level 5 to pick, so Mycena Mushroom Flakes also requires level 5 to make. Hopefully this will be a bit more intuitive!
For similar reasons, Coral Mushroom Smoothie recipe now requires Mycology level 40 to make, and has level 40 drink stats. (It was level 35, but Coral Mushrooms require level 40 to pick.)
- Adjusted the values of mushrooms a bit (and by extension, the value of some mushroom component recipes).
- Changed the recipes for various mushroom flakes; they are now "cut" with lower-level mushroom powder than before.
- The recipes for Basic Rennet, Strong Rennet, and Pungent Rennet now require more (and different) mushroom suspensions, but yield two doses of rennet per stomach.
- The recipe for Healing Potion Omega now requires only one Blood Mushroom Suspension, not three.
- Yagreet in Sun Vale teaches the recipes for groxmax, porcini, and black foot morel mushroom suspensions. (She already taught the recipes for blood and coral suspensions.)

Other Changes & Fixes

- The guild quest "Reclaiming Lydia" now properly tells you the recommended guild size for each of the variants.
- Orange Trees can be found in Eltibule.
- The Lemon Trees in the desert now function like apple trees: multiple fruit, then choppable for wood.
- Reduced the cash value of phlogiston by about half.
- Added more poetry books to high-level loot.
- Lore tweak: The modern dwarven city Aufghel is now referred to as "New Aufghel", to more clearly differentiate it from the ancient city of Aufghel. (New Aufghel is built on top of the old Aufghel.)
- Lore tweak: Dwarven traditional engagements last 20 years prior to marriage, not 30.
- Added some lore books to the guest room in the Tapestry Inn.
- Goblins have stopped dropping firework recipes -- at least until the next holiday.
- Fixed a bug that caused all types of crossbows to be eligible for Bow-skill treasure mods, and ineligible for Crossbow-specific mods (though there were only two crossbow-specific mods).
- Added three new Crossbow-skill treasure mods that can appear on new crossbows.
- Cross-pollinated one crossbow mod so it can appear on necklaces (similar to an existing crossbow mod that can appear on rings)
- Fixed a bug that prevented some shields from being able to generate Shield-skill-specific powers. New shields of the following types are affected: Orcish Military Shield, Snowblood Misery Trooper Shield, Hypnotic Shield, and Gazluk Trooper Shield.
- Early Meditation recipes give more one-time experience.
- Augury recipes were supposed to share a common 1-hour reset time but each had their own reset timer.
- Recipes that have timeouts before they can be used again now display how much time is remaining before they can be used again (just above the "craft it!" button).
- The Kraken druid event in Serbule will spawn more Young Kraken and respawn them more quickly.
- If an ability with an animation delay (e.g. Strategic Preparation, Rapid Recovery) is aborted during the animation, the ability's reset timer is not triggered, meaning it can be used again immediately.
- Serbule player work-order sign: the sign indicated that there was a maximum number of active work orders per account, but it actually tracked them per player, not per account. They are now tracked per account.
- As a side effect, you can now cancel work orders made by other characters on your account. (The money is still sent via in-game-mail to the original character that posted the order, not the person who canceled it.)
- JSON: there are two new JSON files available for third-party tools: sources_abilities.json and sources_recipes.json. These files describe how each ability and recipe can be obtained. (A similar file for items will be included in the future.)
- Fixed all remaining collision problems with the various caves in Gazluk. Repeat: ALL known issues with collision in Gazluk caves are fixed, so if you get stuck in a wall, or you "fall to your death", please report it!

Important Note

This is the last snapshot of the game that will support 32-bit Windows. If you're running 32-bit Windows, you should see a warning about this when you first start the game.

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June 15 Hotfix

This minor update addresses issues that can be fixed without the need for a new game client. Other issues will be fixed in the next client snapshot.

Skill and Ability Changes

- The bard treasure effect "Entrancing Lullaby deals x Trauma damage after a 20 second delay" actually fired twice: once immediately and once after 19 seconds. It now fires once after 20 seconds
- The rabbit ability Bun-Fu Kick is supposed to deal extra Trauma damage after an 8 second delay; it was actually applying trauma damage twice: once immediately, and once after 7 seconds. It now fires once after 8 seconds
- The rabbit ability Thump is now tagged as a Kick for purposes of unarmed gear that boosts kicks
- The rabbit ability Bun-Fu Kick is renamed Bun-Fu Blitz to better indicate that it is NOT a Kick (for purposes of unarmed gear that boosts kicks)
- Cinnamon the rabbit now teaches higher-level versions of Rabbit Scratch, Thump, Bun-Fu Blitz, Rabbit's Foot, Hare Dash, and Play Dead

Loot Changes

- Snowdeer now give Great Venison (not low-level Venison) when butchered
- Misery Gazelles now give Great Venison. (Misery Yaks, their lower-level cousins, still give regular Venison.)
- Ciervos, the sentient boss deer, now gives Great Venison. You monster.
- The higher level "carnivore stomach contents" loot tables have been updated to reflect the new meat types. For instance, Polar Bears now occasionally drop Great Steak instead of occasionally dropping low-level Steak
- "Snow Oxen" now spawn in Gazluk (mostly in the valleys). They give Great Steak. They also give Great Animal Skins when skinned. They are, however, surprisingly dangerous
- Feral Cows and Feral Bulls had misc-item loot drops for level 30 animals, instead of level 20 animals
- Fixed a loot table error on Seaweed and Muntok Peppercorns, which were dropping only 25% as often as intended from many types of monsters. For the record, these items drop from all level 40-50 non-carnivorous animals, including Biting Vines, Sand Dogs, Snowdeer, Angry Giant Bats, Mountain Sheep, Gnashers, and others. They can also be found on some other types of monsters including Polar Bears, Trolls, and Tor-Uraks. Muntok Peppercorns can also be found on any orc. However, the exact drop rate for each monster varies (based on what other things it can drop), so experimentation is wise

Favor and Gifting Bugs

- Yalox claimed to like Desserts, but actually liked Books instead. Now likes Desserts, not Books
- "Ancient Sketchbooks" and "Spoons" count as antiques for gift-giving purposes (but not especially good ones)
- Druidic Assault Staves are marked as non-storebought items for gift-giving purposes (this is important because stock storebought weapons are valueless as gifts)
- Heartshrooms are tagged as mushrooms for gift-giving and storage purposes
- Laura Neth recognizes her own free Snacking Bread, and no longer appreciates it as a gift
- Crafted cloth slippers now count as "slippers" and "clothing" for gift-giving purposes
- Iocaine Powder counts as a poison for gift-giving purposes


- The cash value of most foods and drinks has increased
- The /isearch command incorrectly labeled items in Silvia's storage as being in Raul's storage
- You needed level 2 in Corpse Talking to actually talk to Corpses, instead of level 1 as intended
- It was possible to learn Corpse Talking from Jumjab without being Friends
- Fixed bug with Guild Audit Logging: it did not record new members correctly
- Monsters with special behavior that triggered after a certain amount of damage (such as deer, or bosses like Lord Sedgewick and the Forgotten Loading Golem) were not using their special behavior
- Lowered the difficulty of most floors of the "labyrinth" dungeon. It was previously intended for a group of 6 very-well-prepared level 60 players; now it should be more viable for a group of 4-6 players with levels between 50 and 65. The dungeon's "iconic encounters" were maintained (such as the boss maze), but in those cases the number of "trash monsters" was reduced. However, these changes are just preliminary guesswork based on very little feedback. So more feedback is needed for this dungeon: which parts are too hard, which too easy, rewards too good, rewards not good enough: let us know! If your guild is trying to decide what dungeon to run this week, choose this one! And then give us feedback.

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June 9 Update #2

This minor update fixes bugs in this morning's major update.
- Fixed bugs with the /isearch command when trying to search storage crates
- Fixed an error message when accessing Hulon the Hoarder
- Removed the barter menu option from Nishika (she has no barters)
- Bellema Deftwhisper let you buy the level 70 Transmutation unlock before you had reached level 60
- Fixed scenarios where garden rabbits could consume vegetation from extreme distances
- Shared-account storage was accidentally boosted to 100 slots. This has been reverted. (Shared-account storage increases are in the works, but not ready yet.)
Known issues:
- The "black flicker" bug is back again; a new client patch will fix it later today
- The "eat corpse" option was not correctly moved to the bottom of the corpse actions list; this will be addressed at a future date

June 9 Update

Storage Improvements

Inventory and storage management in Project: Gorgon is important - but not very polished yet. Much of that will improve after the new UI is in place, but in the meantime we did wedge in a few useful additions to storage management.
First, you can now find objects in a couple of zones that allow you to view and interact with items in any storage in that zone:
- Serbule: A bookshelf in the building next to Hulon the Hoarder's shop lets you manage items in any Serbule-specific storage you have unlocked.
- Rahu: A table in Ichin the Ice-Master's shop lets you manage items in any Rahu-specific storage you have unlocked.
- Kur Mountains: A table near Nightshade lets you manage items in any Kur Mountains storage you have unlocked.
Eventually this feature will work in all zones and be built into the interface.
Second, we've exposed some of the back-end functionality that needs to be in place for the eventual storage UI. The slash command /isearch can help you find items that you've misplaced in a storage container.
Typing "/isearch sword" into the chat bar will search all your storage vaults, chests, and NPC storage for items with the word "sword" in their name - and tell you what and where those items are. You can use "/isearch" by itself for more instructions.
NOTE: The storage system has been heavily changed internally, and there may be bugs. If you see unexpected behavior when accessing your stored items, please report the bugs immediately!

Guild Levels & Logs

A while back, we added the ability to 'level up' your guild through guild quests. In this update, we expand on that with some new guild features.
Guilds can now purchase additional guild storage for each guild level above 0. (Note that the number of slots available at each guild level is different per chest, and sometimes per level as well.) The cost of additional slots is quite high; it is intended to be a shared task among guild members.
A guild's level now determines the number of people that can be in the guild, as follows:
- Level 0 through 5: 150 people
- Level 6: 175 people
- Level 7: 200 people
- Level 8: 225 people
- Level 9: 250 people
- Level 10: 275 people
- Level 11: 300 people
- Level 12: 325 people
- Level 13+: 350 people
As a courtesy to large existing guilds, if your guild already had 150+ players in it as of this morning, your guild's max size is "grandfathered" to 250 players until it reaches rank 9.
And finally, high-ranking guild members can now view an "audit log". The log shows structural changes to the guild: who joined (and who invited them), who quit (or was kicked out), who changed the message of the day, and who changed what guild settings.
By default only rank 9 or 10 guild members have permission to view the log, but it can be configured in the same way as other guild permissions.
The command to access the log is "/guild auditlogs" to view the current weeks' logs, or "/guild auditlogs old" to view last weeks' logs. Logs roll over on Monday.
This log is not currently accessible via the Guild Management Signs - the slash commands are the only way to access it.
When viewing the log, there is a "save to file" button that allows guild leaders to save the log to their hard drive. The file will be written as a .txt file to your screen shot directory.
We need feedback on this! Tell us what you want to see in the log and what format it should take!

Food & Recipe Changes

This update includes quite a lot of changes to food items and food recipes. The goals of these changes are to:
1. Link the value of foods (both in councils and in the gift-value to NPCs) more closely to the value of the ingredients, rather than just being a multiplier of the recipe level. (But level still plays a part!)
2. Ensure that all recipes are worth more than the sum of their ingredients. (This was already 90% true, but some low-level recipes were huge net-losses in value.)
3. Use higher-level (and higher-value) meats in high-level recipes to prevent high-level players from feeling the need to mass-slaughter newbie monsters. (And higher-level players that need a few pieces of low-level meat can get it with the new butchering recipes.)
4. Normalize the "difficulty" of recipes so that a lot more of them are worth using, and as well as fix a few outlier recipes that were much too easy.
As a result of these changes, ALL foods have changed in value to some extent. Some recipes have also changed; the complete list of changed recipes is available on the forum.

Other Fixes and Changes

- The next two weekends will feature new, slightly more complex "events" than our regular weekend events (which are usually just buffs). Please report bugs and give feedback on them!
- Fixed the bug where apple/grape trees could not have their lumber chopped out of them until they had been in an out-of-fruit state for at least 5 seconds.
- UI elements - like inventory, chat, etc. - no longer display over top of the loading screen.
- Added /blog and /forum as in-game shortcuts to the blog and forum websites.
- You can now quit your guild via /guild quit.
- The moon phase check will now tell you the actual moon phase in addition to how many days are left until the moon is full.
- The name of the creature you are looting now appears at the top of the Search Corpse window.
- Docile animals that instinctively flee from players (e.g. deer) no longer keep players "in combat" unless the animal is injured in some way. Note that it doesn't matter whether the damage was from that particular player or not; a damaged fleeing animal = in combat, an unharmed fleeing animal = not in combat.
- The water you see when you "Enter the Light", as well as the water in the Myconian Cave, is once again clear and clean.
- Beneficial and negative Auguries now have different icons.
- The icons for Green and Red Pepper Seeds now have properly tinted icons.
- Harvesting grown barley is supposed to yield 0-2 plantable seeds, as well as edible barley. Due to a bug, it could never yield 2 seeds. It can now.
- Various low-level Cheesemaking ingredients (butter, sweet butter, etc.) are worth more.
- Instant Snacks now restore significantly more Power.
- Fainor sells vinegar.
- Butchering Humongous Boars and Charged Boars now yield Great Pork Shoulder instead of low-level Pork Shoulder.
- Deinonychuses can now be butchered for basically-useless Dinosaur Meat. (They have no organs at the moment.)
- Selaxi teaches the recipe for Great Bacon.
- Nishika and Rugen in Rahu can now train butchers in how to pare down meats from a higher-tier meat to a lower one. For instance, you can turn Great Venison into Venison, or Stringy Insect Meat into Sinewy Insect Meat. Butchers can also chop out the toxic parts out of Paralytic Chicken, resulting in Great Chicken.
- You can gain a new bonus level of Butchering by raising Knife skill to 10.
- Several knife abilities have higher base damage. Some Knife treasure mods were altered as a result.
- You can raise the Transmutation level cap by training with Bellema Deftwhisper in a cave in Gazluk. NOTE: this is a temporary assignment for Bellema; a new NPC in that cave will train them soon!
- Changed the requirements for unlocking Ice Magic; it can now be completed with either the quest and Fire Magic 25, or the quest and [redacted new skill] 25.

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May 18 Update #2

- Fixed an issue where the loading screen flickered (a "black flicker") when new assets were being loaded during gameplay
- The ambient noises in Serbule are now tied to the ambient volume slider

This was a client-only update, and the server did not reboot. If you are experiencing the black flicker, you need to re-run the patcher and get this patch!


- Fixed several crashing bugs.
- Fixed situations where the game could become unresponsive during long loads, causing the OS to think the game had crashed (and display the "Do you want to keep waiting?" dialog).
- Improved the loading screen to show more information. (This is still a temporary loading screen; a "real" one with a progress bar will be added during the GUI overhaul.)
- Disabled Unity's new multi-threaded rendering mode because it was causing spurious crashes. (This may mean your FPS is reduced, especially if you have a many-core machine and a powerful graphics card.) We'll try it again after the next Unity update.
- Some gameplay effects, such as night-vision, could not be seen in Serbule if you were playing on low graphics settings or had manually disabled "Color Correction Curves". Color adjustment is now always on in Serbule and the : "Color Correction Curves" override does nothing there. (But it still does something in some other areas, so we're leaving the override in the game for now.)

Mac & Linux Users:

Mac: You no longer need to "turn off your trees" to play in Serbule. However on some Macs, you may still need to shrink the size of the game window in order to get a good frame rate. This is especially true if you have a Retina display on a lower-end MacBook: the video card can't drive all the pixels efficiently. (Sort of like a Cadillac being driven by a motorcycle engine -- it will be slow.)
We'll continue to try to improve game performance, but that wasn't the focus of this update. This update is about making the game not crash!
Known issue for Mac users: The night sky is extremely bright.
Linux: We've identified some issues that were likely causing problems for Linux players. We haven't tested these fixes on Linux because we don't yet have Linux QA machines (and Linux isn't officially supported yet) ... but there's a good chance that things are somewhat better now.

Preferences File:

The filename for the preferences file has changed. Previously, preferences were stored in GorgonPrefs.txt. Now they are stored in GorgonConfig.txt instead. The first time you log in after this update, the old file will be imported and then saved to the new filename. The old file will not be auto-deleted. We did it this way because the file format has changed and we want to have the option to roll back to an earlier version of the client if necessary.
HOWEVER. Due to the change in the preference-file format:
- The camera turning and zooming speeds have been reset to their defaults. You will need to re-set these from the Configuration panel.
- Similarly, if you overrode Water Quality, you will need to override it again.

Sorry for the hassle!


- If you had Cheesemaking barrels aging, they counted against your maximum number of brewing barrels.
- You were able to age a third barrel of hard liquor if your Cheesemaking skill was above 40. It is now fixed so that you need Brewing skill level 40 to age a third barrel.
- If you tried to place more than the maximum number of brewing barrels, the extra barrels would be placed but then immediately disappear.
- Hard liquor casks could be aged anywhere, not just in caves as intended.
- The favor "Mushrooms for Beer" required a different kind of mushroom than listed.
- The favor "Collecting Keg Orders" could not be completed because Durstin Tallow did respond correctly.
- Beer and hard liquor now count as "drinks" in terms of NPC behavior. Vendors that buy drinks will buy beer and hard liquor, and NPCs that like (or hate) drinks will now respond appropriately when gifted with these.
- The recipe "Sift Through Grass For Barley Seeds" now gives less XP.

Other Changes:

- Cows have jump animations, plus a greater variety of dance animations.
- Giant bats and werewolves now have dance animations, although some are placeholders. (Sorry, deer! We'll hack some placeholder dances in for you soon.)
- Daniel Murderdark's skeleton's trade options now require more skulls.

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