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Recent updates

This page includes the five most recent game updates. You are welcome to tidy up the formatting and add wiki links, but please keep any discussion in the Talk pages as these Game updates are meant to be verbatim from the launcher update notes. Game updates can be found on the launcher, or at the following link:

If you are returning to the game and want short summaries of what was changed, see Quick Notes.

For information on possible future content, please see Knowledge of the Future.

March 25 Update

This snapshot features the Bard skill, ready for testing and feedback!

Bard Skill

You can learn the skill from Rappanel in South Serbule. (He's in the inn.) As you advance in Bard skill, you will also need to improve other skills, including performance, vocabulary, and poetry appreciation. Rappanel should give you enough information to proceed at each stage. We need feedback on how easy/hard it is to advance as a bard! We also need feedback on the bard's general abilities and playability. Keep in mind that the bard is designed to be a support character. It is definitely possible to solo with the bard, but it's not going to be as fast as some other skills.

Note: the bardic music tracks are draft versions, not the finalized versions. There are small issues with the looping of some tracks, plus some pops and crackles in a few sound effects. These small issues will be fixed soon.

One other note: Bardic music is implemented as a "performance". This has many subtle ramifications, but one useful feature is that if you tire of hearing the bardic songs, you can go into the Configuration window's Audio tab and reduce the number of audible performers to zero.

Looting Changes

- Hunting groups are now capped at six players instead of 10
- When fighting elite and boss monsters, only the first group that attacks it will be able to loot it. (It will become "locked" to the first attacker's group, with a little lock icon visible to other groups to let them know.) Each member of the locked group will get their own share of treasure, just as before, but non-group members don't get any loot.
- Solo monsters now become "open-lootable" once the original looter closes the corpse. (Meaning that any other player can take leftover loot, autopsy, bury the corpse, etc.)
- Clicking on a boss's corpse can now dispel the boss curse even if you don't have loot permissions for the boss
- Previously when a monster was killed, only the player who had done the highest damage to the monster was recorded as having killed it for certain purposes (such as special behavior badges). Now, anyone who did damage to the creature is counted as a killer

Balance Changes

- Archery critical hits did way too much damage. Crits weren't properly taken into account when the last skill revisions were made. For now, we have removed treasure that enhances archery criticals, so they are "just" a +25% bonus to damage.
- The archery gear mod that boosted critical hit damage is now a +Max Power mod instead
- The mentalism and psychology gear mods that boosted critical hit damage now ONLY work for phrenology-based criticals and do not boost Archery crits in any way. Their labels were adjusted accordingly
- The Archery ability Restorative Arrow was designed to heal an ally, not yourself. But due to a bug, it was possible to heal yourself by manually selecting yourself with the F1 key. This ability has been revised so that it can work on yourself as well as allies, so it isn't necessary to manually target yourself to heal yourself.
- The Archery ability Hook Shot and the Spider ability Grappling Web no longer suppress monster shouts, meaning that when they are used, the monster's nearby allies are alerted. (That method of "silent ranged pull" is too problematic -- it's too hard to make properly challenging content for it.) We realize this makes the abilities less useful overall, so they may be replaced or dramatically changed during the next major skill revamp pass

Gazluk Keep Changes

We've made some more balance changes to Gazluk Keep, in part due to the group-size changes mentioned above. But it's likely that we'll need to make further changes to the monster difficulty in here. Please continue to send in feedback!

- Elites and bosses in Gazluk Keep have been toned down a bit, especially in terms of their Max Health. However, their Rage attacks are more powerful than before
- Different kinds of orcs now have different resistances and vulnerabilities. (This affects orcs in other areas too!)
- The Elite Infiltrators in Gazluk Keep were able to use Hook Shot on players. This was too disruptive because it could be "chained" by multiple orcs, pulling a player a very long distance, usually to their doom. Elite Infiltrators have a new debuff ability instead, plus some projectile evasion
- Gazluk Keep hallway monsters now respawn MUCH more slowly -- instead of completely refilling within 10 minutes, it now takes 30 minutes to fully refill
- Gazluk Keep's hallways are using an experimental new spawner feature that tries to avoid respawning monsters "on top" of players. It remembers where the last monster in the area died, and tries to spawn new monsters away from that spot. This should reduce the chance that a monster will respawn right next to where players were just fighting. (But it can still happen -- there are only so many possible spawn spots for monsters of each type, and since monsters can wander around, it gets very complicated. This is just an attempt to cut down on the chances.)
- Orcs in Gazluk no longer have a chance to drop guano. (It still drops from all giant bats and striga.)

Other Gameplay Changes

- For toggle abilities (such as "Howl Mode" or "Raven Form") that have Power costs to activate, you no longer have to pay the Power cost again to deactivate it
- Fixed issue when backstabbing mesmerized creatures, where the extra damage would only apply if used in the first few seconds of the mez effect
- Fixed bug where partially-completed Combos would stay in mid-complete state for a very long time, instead of expiring quickly as intended
- Fixed bugs which kept monsters "in combat" for too long, preventing them from healing or resetting their aggro lists
- Fixed more situations where stationary monsters (e.g. turrets) could keep players in-combat indefinitely (until they were beyond the theoretical max range of the turret)
- Tombstones now change appearance based on your Dying skill level (among other things). Low-level tombstones are smaller than the old ones; high-level tombstones are about the same size
- Various types of monsters now have resistance or vulnerability to Sonic damage
- A note about Sonic damage: bards have abilities that deal Sonic damage. This is a new damage type, similar to Fire or Crushing. Giant Bats also have abilities with "Sonic" in their name, but these abilities do Trauma damage. : Those abilities will eventually be revised to deal Sonic damage, but for now, they are unchanged. (Until more synergies for the new damage type are in place.)
- The list of Fire Magic abilities that boost Body Heat has been increased, and the potency of the restoration improved. The following spells now restore body heat in cold environments: Fire Breath, Ring of Fire, Defensive Burst, Flesh to Fuel, Wall of Fire. Also, just a reminder that Landri the Cold can teach cold-protection spells for Fire Magic, not just for Ice Magic. Cold Protection reduces the chance of losing body heat.
- Many variety of Panther had incorrect loot and harvesting stats (e.g. the level 15 panthers in Eltibule had level 35 skinning requirements; razorslash panthers dropped herbivore stomach contents instead of carnivore, etc.)
- NPCs who liked egg dishes liked them a bit more than intended. Egg dish gifts now yield about 20-30% less Favor than before

Other Client Changes

- Upgraded to Unity 5.5.2
- Fixed some bugs with particle leakage. These bugs could cause performance slowdowns or crashes if you stayed in the same area for long periods
- General particle performance improvements
- Fixed numerous bugs with the animation system, such as player avatars staying in a combat pose after combat has ended, and many others
- Some modest client speed-up optimizations for areas with large numbers of monsters (such as outdoor areas or Gazluk Keep)
- Added a master volume slider in the Config options
- Added a Mute checkbox in the Config options
- There is a new hotkey command to mute/unmute the volume. It does not have any key assigned by default, but you can assign a key to it in the Configuration window


This update made lots of changes under the hood. Here's things to watch out for:

- Boss music behaving weirdly (e.g. cutting out or changing tunes unexpectedly)
- Particles no longer showing up
- Loot mods that used to work no longer working
- Weird new graphical issues

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March 8 Hotfix

This hotfix addresses a few data issues with the March 4 update.

Gazluk Keep Changes:

- Half the time when using the entrance to the "labyrinth" dungeon, you would enter Gazluk Keep instead.
- Elite monsters in Gazluk Keep have been boosted by 1 eliteness level, which equates to about +4000 max health in most of their cases.
- The bosses and named elites in Gazluk Keep have been increased by 1 or 2 bossiness levels, which will equate to a 20% to 50% increase in their max health, and a small increase in armor and damage.
- The bosses and named elites in Gazluk Keep have higher chances for extraordinary, epic, and legendary loot.
- Gazluk Armory Chests now have slightly better loot, but require 3 Gazluk Armory Keys instead of 1.
- Elite Gazluk officers now have a chance to drop a few new miscellaneous items that can be stacked in high numbers. This should reduce the amount of equipment dropped from hallway troops a bit, which speeds up play because you don't have to manage your inventory as often.
- The Shower Slime boss in Gazluk Keep is the appropriate level now. Note: this boss still doesn't have a warning screen until the next client update, so be careful!

We'll continue to fine-tune the difficulty of Gazluk Keep based on your continued feedback -- so keep sending it in! Please remember that the difficulty is based on a group size of six.

Other Changes:

- The "Galvanizer" staff can no longer be generated with melee-staff treasure mods.
- The "Tactician's Halberd" and the various craftable Melee Staves will no longer be generated with fire-magic or ice-magic treasure mods.
- Recipes for special Gazluk abilities are now considered ability scrolls for purposes of selling.
- Treat Disease 3 can now cure instances of the Glowy Yellow Crystal Sickness.
- Fixed a bug that caused you to earn too much XP and Combat Wisdom when in groups.

These bugs can't be fixed in a hotfix, but will be included in the next full update:

- The flicker on the classic mage robes style helm.
- A giant mushroom is blocking the way in the Kur Wolf Cave.

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March 4 Update

This is the first development snapshot with Gazluk Keep, the HUGE level 70 group dungeon. It's designed for groups of five or six players levels 65-75, and it's full of riches, secrets, and adventures. But here's the thing: we have no idea how difficult it is. Impossibly hard? Laughably easy? It's your job to find out and tell us! (On the forum ideally, but in-game feedback is fine too.) Also, if you know how to capture video or stream the game while playing (and are level 65+, of course) then we would love to see you play through it so we can get a feel for how it's working. (We can do a hotfix-update of the dungeon's difficulty if it's really out of whack, otherwise we'll make changes in the next snapshot.) The entrance to the dungeon is the brick-red building in Gazluk City, the orcish city on the Gazluk Plateau. (You may need help fighting your way to the door.)

Other changes:

- Hammer treasure mods now scale to 70
- Druid treasure mods now scale to 70
- Ice Magic mods now scale to 70
- Knife mods now scale to 70
- Cow mods now scale to 70
- Deer mods now scale to 70
- Pig mods now scale to 70
- Spider mods now scale to 70
- Giant Bat mods now scale to 70
- Reduced the potency of some Cow and Pig restoration gear mods that were incorrectly calculated
- By request, some bows now appear larger when held
- Some textures in Serbule have changed. Most noticeably, buildings and walls are different colors. Do not be alarmed! There's a big graphical update to Serbule coming soon, and a few bits of that update "leaked" into the current version of Serbule. It will all come together in the next snapshot.
- Ukorga in Kur has gotten tired of all his potential customers dying in the cold. He's set up a signpost at the Eltibule-side entrance to Kur. It teaches you how to build an emergency campfire.
- Human males' beards no longer protrude out of full-face helmets. (If we missed any helmets where the beard should be hidden, let us know!)
- Fixed problems with mage robes where you could see through parts of the cloth at certain angles (backfaces were culled when they shouldn't have been)
- Fixed healing bugs where certain buffs were supposed to be applied to the recipient of the heal, but were instead being applied to the caster of the heal. For example, if your "Healing Received from First Aid" stat is 125%, it should boost by 25% any First Aid treatments you receive (regardless of who uses First Aid on you). Due to the bug, it was instead causing your First Aid abilities to generate 125% healing to whomever it was applied to. For people who were using healing only on themselves, there is effectively no change, since they are both the caster and the receiver in that situation.
- Syndra's barn in Kur was invisible at close range
- Most blankets that spawned in Gazluk were not Arisetsu Blankets as intended, making the favor to gather Arisetsu Blankets basically uncomplete-able
- Fixed treasure mods for Archery that made Nice attacks deal extra damage (but didn't)
- Treasure mod "Shield Team boosts all allies physical mitigation +X" did not stack with itself
- For the "/behaviorreport" command, removing items from a personal vault was recorded as removing items from a shared vault. This is fixed, but note that it is not retroactive
- Added the new chat command "/restrict". This command stops players from interacting with you in certain ways. For instance, if you are tired of being invited to guilds, you could use "/restrict GuildInvite on" to stop all invites. Use "/restrict" by itself for a list of options and more information. (This command will eventually be replaced with a graphical interface.)
- Glowy Yellow Crystals could not be used in item-crafting recipes. They now act like other un-skill-associated crystals (e.g. rubies) when slotted into recipes
- Removed about a dozen monsters from one particular hall deep in the Yeti Caves, where there were accidentally twice as many monsters as intended
- Striga now have a chance to drop guano
- Fixed a bug that could keep screen shots from showing up in the intended screen shot folder
- Fixed a bug that could make the "safe mode" checkbox in the launcher not work

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Hotfix: February 9, 2017

This hotfix addresses a few data bugs in the Feb 7 update.

- Higher-level loot mods for Archery and Mentalism (and a few other misc mods) are now actually "turned on"
- George Madler now actually teaches the Blanket recipe
- Legs teaches the Blanket recipe at favor level "Comfortable", not "Close Friends"
- Fixed bugs with Shambling Corpses' bleed (kept you in combat periodically, didn't apply out of combat)
- Addressed scenario where General Pask could have an evil clone
- Reduced hearing range of some Onkara troopers
- Loot mod that made Surge Cut grant Armor was causing it to grant Health instead
- Tweaked stats on Cave Cheese

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Patch Notes: February 7, 2017

This snapshot build fixes a number of bugs, including some big ones, and adjusts many other things. Here are the details, in no particular order.

"In Combat" Changes

- Fixed a bug that kept the client from realizing that you were "in combat" in some cases
- You are no longer put "in combat" just because a far-away monster has spotted you. (But if you are within their attack range, you are.)
- Monsters that run to help their friends have a much smaller time window where they keep you "in combat" automatically. If they can't find and engage you within about 8 seconds, they stop keeping you "in combat". (Of course, when they finally reach you and attack, you'll be put back "in combat" again.)
- Tweaked logic for stationary enemies (such as glyphs, turrets, etc.) so that you don't stay permanently "in combat" if you move out of their attack radius
- Monsters in lower-level outdoor zones have reduced detection radius
- Deer now have a lower detection radius regardless of the zone they occur in.

Cold-Weather Related Changes

- The "ever-burn campfires" in Kur Mountains now last much longer when fed lumber. Instead of gaining 10/15/30 minutes of fuel per oak/maple/cedar wood, they now gain 45 mins/2 hours/3.5 hours/5 hours per oak/maple/cedar/spruce wood. This should make it more plausible for good Samaritans (or community-oriented guilds, perhaps) to keep the campfires burning.
- Added an ever-burn campfire at the entrance to Kur Mountains.
- When you come in out of the cold, the Body Heat meter continues to be displayed until you reach Max Body Heat.
- George Madler and Legs both teach the recipe for Simple Blankets. This is a level 12 Textile recipe.
- Blankets now cure hypothermia and frostbite as well as restoring body heat.
- Blankets that are randomly found in Old Prestonbule are now "Arisetsu Blankets", and Rick Snapley's favor to obtain blankets now requires those Arisetsu Blankets. (If the task disappeared from your quest journal, you may need to re-obtain it from Rick Snapley.)

Combat Skills

- Archery treasure has higher levels available.
- Shield treasure has higher levels available.
- Animal Handling gear has higher levels available.
- Hammer skill has now bonus levels available. They are granted at: Blacksmithing 20, Carpentry 35, Mining 20, Mining 45, Toolcrafting 25. There will be many more bonus levels in the future, but for now these make it possible to obtain the level 72 Hammer ability "Reckless Slam 8" and the level 73 ability "Seismic Impact 7".
- There is now only one version of Alravesa the All-Hunter. She lives in Ilmari for now
- You can no longer use Crossbow abilities without a crossbow equipped. We mean it this time!
- For Knife abilities that need the target to be focused on someone else, mezzed enemies no longer count as being focused on anybody. This allows mez+backstab to work, for instance.
- Level 70 throwing knife abilities now use Astounding Knives instead of Amazing Knives.


- Crafting recipes for level 70 staves and clubs require an extra piece of Spruce wood.
- The recipe for "Laressa's Cheese" now yields Sweet Whey instead of Whey, and it is taught by Braigon instead of Laura Neth.
- Haerel cheese now requires whey (not sweet whey) to craft.
- The recipe for Astounding First Aid Kit now creates an astounding first aid kit, instead of 2x amazing first aid kits.
- The Fishing skill now sends you to Rugen in Rahu for level 60 training. Removed reference to level 70 Fishing; it doesn't exist yet.
- George Madler sells the recipe for Basic Spider Silk, because it's now useful for more than just spider armor.
- When using redwall crystals (sorry, "rubywall crystals") to craft high-level gear, the cash value of the resulting items are now much lower. This does not affect existing items.
- Tier 3-7 snail gauntlets (max enchanted) were easier to craft than intended.

Food Changes

- Rats throughout the world have run out of Mild Cheddar Cheese! They are now making do with a new cheese, Cave Cheese
- Raw fruit now gives slightly better out-of-combat regeneration, making it more useful as a backup food for newbies.
- All cooked foods and drinks now give slightly more Power regeneration. This is most noticeable for newbie-level cooked foods.
- Snack foods now benefit from Gourmand bonuses (and earn Gourmand XP when first eaten) just like Meal foods do.

Alchemy Potions

Many alchemy potions have had their duration or potency adjusted upwards. For instance, most 15-minute Alchemy potions now last for 1 hour instead. Specific notes:

- Max-Health-Boosting alchemy recipes (e.g. Pick-Me-Up Juice, Make-Me-Strong Juice, etc.) last an hour.
- Cranium Lotions last an hour.
- Fire, Poison, Cold, Electricity, etc. Resistance Potions last an hour.
- Fire Shield Potion and Acid Shield Potion last an hour.
- Memory Inhibiting potions last 2 hours.
- Persona Minimizer/Reducer potions last an hour.
- Antivenom now cures up to 3 stacks of poison, and Strong Antivenom cures up to 5 (still with their original max-poison-potency caps).
- Bleeding/Agonizing Speed potions last 5 minutes and no longer have a poison DoT (but still increase in-combat sprint cost).
- Acid/Poison Boost Potions last 30 minutes.
- Rage Inhibitor potions last 30 minutes.
- Coldbite, Coldgnaw, and Coldrend potions boost Cold Damage by 10%, 15%, and 20%, respectively.
- Ferocity Juice lasts 30 minutes.
- Sanguinizer and Blood Seeker Ointment last 30 minutes.
- Wolfen Speed potions last 15 minutes.
- Thunderclap Potion boosts by +15 instead of +10.
- Dirt Shield potion lasts 60 minutes.
- Stoneskin potions last 30 minutes.

Gear Mods

- A few more gear mods that had significantly more healing power (than intended) were nerfed. For instance, "Reinforce restores +132 armor and Shield Team restores 66 armor" now restores 81/44 armor. That's easily the most dramatic one.
- The archery gear mod "Poison Arrow boosts Poison Damage +X% for 10 seconds" also accidentally boosted the damage of Poison Arrow directly.
- Reduced the potency of gear mod "Elemental Ward mitigates X% of all Poison damage for 10 seconds".
- Fixed bug with pig gear mods that have "Target ignores you for X seconds, or until you attack it again".
- Unarmed gear mods that automatically absorb damage now require you to actually be using the Unarmed skill.

Other Changes / Fixes

- Fixed a bug that caused some players to need to wait for much longer than 3 hours in animal form before Animal Town animals would talk to them.
- General Pask's loot has been nerfed to reflect that he is not really a boss (he doesn't even have a curse). We will give him a curse (and better loot) in the future, when he is in an environment that isn't as easy to exploit.
- Onkara Super Soldiers and Onkara War Troopers have reduced loot and adjustments to spawn rates and movement behavior.
- If you are in Hardcore mode, your items no longer break if you die from any of these causes: "Fell from great height", "Fell from small height", "Smote by Admin", "Fell off the world", or "Unknown Cause of Death". Previously, this only applied to "Fell off the world", but those other types are often unavoidable deaths (especially during Alpha, where you can "fall from a great height" if you get stuck in the geometry), so it seemed unfair to overly punish hardcore players for them.
- Monsters now hate it slightly more when you heal the enemies they are trying to kill.
- The mysterious illness from glowing crystals now causes untyped damage (instead of Darkness damage).
- You can no longer stack Words of Power that increase combat xp.
- Fixed a bug that caused rotflowers to stop spawning during the South Serbule druid event.
- Animals that can drop Tufts of Fur as loot now do so a bit more often.
- Skeleton Darkweavers could not attack. They can now.
- Chomp Vines in some Gazluk caves could not be attacked.
- Fixed all cow hats.
- The second level of the dungeon under the hand is no longer pitch black.
- Female fairies no longer have creepy, totally white heads.
- Feral Bulls in Eltibule no longer have weird shiny black-colored undersides.
- Ravens have their missing tail feathers back.
- Corrected day/night lighting issue in Kur Mountains.
- Fixed some (but not all) places where you can get stuck in the geometry in Gazluk caves

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