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Recent updates

This page includes the five most recent game updates. You are welcome to tidy up the formatting and add wiki links, but please keep any discussion in the Talk pages as these Game updates are meant to be verbatim from the launcher update notes. Game updates can be found on the launcher, or at the following link:

If you are returning to the game and want short summaries of what was changed, see Quick Notes.

For information on possible future content, please see Knowledge of the Future.

April 15 Update

This is a bug-fix update.

General Fixes:

- Fixed several bugs that could bottleneck the server. (You can tell when this is happening because NPCs take a long time to respond when they're clicked on, among other problems.) It's likely there are more of these bottleneck bugs that only arise when 200+ players are in one small geographic region, so special logging was added to help track them down when they occur.
- Fixed bug that allowed you to switch equipment during combat.
- Fixed bug that caused players to have collision with other players if they transformed into/out of an animal form.
- If you died while submerged in an indoor body of water, the camera could remain blurry after you respawned.
- Fixed bug with Hardcore Mode sign allowing players to temporarily keep using hardcore items and buffs after turning off hardcore mode.
- When a guild officer toggled a guild permission, it was logged incorrectly to the Guild Audit Log. (Pre-existing log entries are unchanged; new log entries should be correct.)
- Fixed bug that could turn other players' hair mostly invisible ("ghost hair") if they stood at a certain point between the camera and your character.
- Fixed pet/monster AI bug that caused melee-centric monsters to stand idly until their global cooldown was up, even if their target was fleeing. They now pursue fleeing enemies so they can more quickly be in range to attack again.
- Additionally, adjusted pet/monster AI so that they don't slow down as quickly when chasing fleeing (or backpedaling) targets, allowing them to actually get in range of their targets more often.

Animal Handling Fixes

- Fixed bug that caused Animal Handling pets to not respond to Sic 'Em/Clever Trick orders if their pet mode was changed.
- Examining an Animal Handling pet once again lists the pet's unique abilities triggered by Sic 'Em and Clever Trick.
- Animal Handling ability "Get It Off Me" referred vaguely to "potency is based on loyalty". Loyalty is now called Bond Level, and the ability was reworded to be a little more specific: "How well the pet focuses on your enemies depends in part on the pet's Bond Level." In other words, Bond Level determines how well the pet is "taunted" to attack your enemies, but other benefits of the ability are NOT based on bond level.
- Increased how well pets stick to your enemies when Get It Off Me is used. (But this effect is reduced if the pet's Bond Level is low; see above.)
- Removed obsolete references to pet Power in Animal Handling abilities.

Content Fixes:

- Fixed visual bugs with ghosts
- Ranalon Den map now uses the new style map pins.
- Fixed some stone objects in the Ranalon Den that could be walked through.
- All old references to "Enoeos" are now spelt "Enoyos". (He'd probably prefer the other spelling, but it's easier to guess how "Enoyos" is pronounced: eh-NO-yose.)
- The "Strange Stick" used in the quest "The Eye of Fate" works again.
- Map fog in the Crystal Cavern behaves correctly.
- Velkort's furniture no longer floats. Neither does Ivyn's house.
- Trees and grasses in Serbule Hills are visible again.
- Killing some types of Winter Court Fey did not correctly advance the guild quest Storming the Nexus (50-person)
- Eltibule is using the new terrain shaders, although the foliage is not yet updated to match, so it looks a bit weird

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April 7 Update

This update contains a smorgasbord of optimizations, bug fixes, and new content.

The alpha client is no longer supported -- you will need to play via Steam.

Ranalon Den

Serbule Hills is home to a new solo dungeon for players of combat levels 18-24 or so. (There is group content planned as well, but most of it is not yet implemented.) This dungeon tries something a little new: a rapid-fire quest NPC roams the entryway. Let us know what you think! (The entrance is in a ranalon lake.)

Animal Handling Changes

Loyalty Level Becomes Bond Level Animal Handling pets have a "Loyalty Level" which starts at 0 for any pet and increases as you fight alongside that pet. This is not a new stat, and you've been able to earn these levels for a long time... but previously they didn't do anything. They now do something (see below). We've also renamed the stat from "Loyalty Level" to "Bond Level". The name change is supposed to help convey that this is a bond between you and your pet, so if this pet were to be, say, given away to another player, its Bond Level would reset to 0 for its new owner. (It's not yet possible to give away pets, though-- that feature is part of the Animal Husbandry skill tree, still deep in development.)

Pets' Bond Level (previously "Loyalty Level") now boosts some combat stats: for each Bond Level, pets' base damage increases by 1 or 2, max health increases by 4, and max armor increases by 1. This is intentionally a somewhat modest effect -- we don't want Bond Level to be so important that you become effectively stuck with the same pet forever! (Since newly-tamed pets start at Bond Level 0.) But this is a noticeable buff at high level, rewarding players who stick with their pet a long time. We will no doubt adjust the effects of the Bond Level again in future updates, and we may have it behave differently for different pet types in the future.

Removal of Pet Power

When we added the pet-specific moves for Sic 'Em and Clever Trick, we also gave pets their own Power meter, with the intent to create interesting conundrums for animal handlers: deciding how and when to spend their pet's Power, whether the pet needed the benefit of Max-Power-boosting gear, etc. However after some experimentation it doesn't seem like it's going to be very interesting after all. So we're throwing that idea away: pets no longer need or use Power to activate their abilities. Instead, the animal handler's Power cost for Sic 'Em and Special Trick is increased a bit.

For now, pets' abilities are unchanged aside from the removal of Power costs. Further balancing and development will happen here -- possibly including the re -introduction of Rage meters for pets, with a way to let animal handlers activate their pets' rage-attack.

Making Enthusiasm More Important

Animal Handling pets have another stat called Enthusiasm, which can be boosted by the owner's equipped items. (And boosted via other ways in the future!) Previously, the only purpose of Enthusiasm was to determine how quickly your pet gained Happiness. (Happiness determines how much XP your pet earns; if it dies, your pet's Happiness goes down, and the rate it recovers Happiness is based on the pet's Enthusiasm). All that is still true, but Enthusiasm has a second job now: it determines the chance for pets to critically-hit their enemies. The formula is based on the level of the monster, so higher Enthusiasm is needed to critically-hit higher-level monsters. If a pet performs a critical hit, the pet's direct damage is increased by 25% (for cats), 40% (for bears), or 50% (for rats).

This system is a work in progress and will no doubt see changes (or even complete rewrites) in the future. For now the goal is just to make sure that Enthusiasm is a stat worth caring about, even if your pet is already really happy.

Other Pet Changes and Fixes

- A lot of the systems involved with Animal Handling are still too opaque: that is, it's very hard to figure out how they work. As a first step in helping explain everything, Gisli the Stablemaster now has a menu option where he will explain terms like Happiness, Enthusiasm, Bond Level, and so on.
- Animal Handling abilities that target your pet should work even when you don't have your pet explicitly targeted. (This "mostly" worked before, but the icons were shown as being grayed out, leading to much confusion.)
- Some Animal Handling abilities require you to be within a certain range of your pet. If you're too far away, using these abilities should now move you toward the pet until you're in range. Previously, due to bugs, your character would take one step forward and then give up.
- Pets that are in "Follow" mode will no longer fight back against monsters that attack them. They will chase after their owner and never fight, even unto death. (Previously, switching a pet to Follow mode would briefly kick it out of combat, but if it was hit again it would go right back to defending itself. This made it difficult for players to flee without losing their pet.) Note that this change applies to all pets that can be put in Follow mode, not just Animal Handling pets!
- The special abilities "Sic 'Em" and "Special Trick" will now automatically take the pet out of Follow mode if necessary in order to execute the attack you requested (placing the pet in Defend mode).
- Due to a display bug, Enthusiasm was previously always shown as 0 or 1 on the pet's Examination window.
- Due to a display bug, equipment that boosts pet Enthusiasm was listed as boosting it by a percentage, such as 20%. It actually boosts Enthusiasm by a fixed amount, such as 20.
- Animal Handling ability "That'll Do 8" claimed to restore 450 health but only restored 400
- "That'll Do" previously helped restore pets' Power; pets no longer use Power so "That'll Do" doesn't restore any.

Animal Handling Equipment:: -Mod Changes

The following treasure mods were changed. Existing gear has been automatically updated to use the new effects.

- "Animal Handling pets regenerate +X Power every five seconds (whether in combat or not)" => "Animal Handling pets recover +Y Armor every five seconds (whether in combat or not)"
- "Animal Handling pets gain X% melee evasion, and their special trick costs them :: -Y Power to use" => removed the Power reduction aspect of this mod
- "Animal Handling pets earn +X% XP" => "Animal Handling pets' Sic 'Em abilities taunt +Y"
- "Feed Pet restores X Power to your pet and Y Power to you" => "Feed Pet restores X Health to your pet after a 20 second delay"
- "Animal Handling pets have +X Max Power" => "Animal Handling pets have +Y% Death Avoidance (ignores a fatal attack once; resets after 15 minutes)"
- "That'll Do restores X Power to your pet and Y Power to you" => "That'll Do restores X Health to your pet and Y Power to you"

General Changes

- Improved framerate in Serbule and Serbule Hills (optimizations to sky/weather system). Further optimizations to future.
- Optimized UI bottlenecks to improve framerate, especially in busy areas
- Fixed text that still referred to Serbule Hills as "South Serbule"
- Reduced the chances of monsters "clumping up" into huge groups in the Ilmari Desert. (It can still happen, but is more rare.)
- Ilmari desert now uses the new terrain shaders, giving it a rockier and more rugged look
- Slightly increased spoon drops on newbie island
- Reduced the number of temporary entities (such as tombstones) that are maintained in dungeons and on the newbie island
- Changed the maximum length of a player vendor's shop name from 60 characters to 32 characters
- Fixed issues with ambient sounds in outdoor areas
- Fixed locations where monsters could spawn underneath buildings in Serbule
- Fixed some abilities with buffs that didn't correctly abort if you switched to a different skill
- The mini-map is now enabled by default for new installations of the game. (This does not affect already-installed copies of the game, just the default for new installs. You can still turn the mini:: -map on or off in the Settings window.)
- Worked around bugs in Unity that caused animal-form players to move crazily when knocked back. The fix is complex because the bug is deep inside Unity so if you find more issues, please report them, with as much detail as you can.
- Improved Hammer animations
- The Serbule Hills "spider cave" and the Serbule "brain bug cave" are now properly marked as caves for purposes of crafting (e.g. cheese making)
- Previously, when your hunting group used "any group member" loot mode, solo:: -monsters' loot was always tailored to one specific group member, chosen randomly, which never changed. Now, solo-monsters' loot is tailored to a different randomly-chosen group member each time. This is still not ideal, but it's a step in the right direction. And to reiterate, this does not apply to groups using the default "turns" looting mode - - in that case the monster is always tailored to the person whose turn it is. And, of course, Elite and Boss monsters work entirely differently -- they have instanced loot that's tailored for each group member.
- Adjusted the spawn configurations of certain monsters that could easily be exploited with area-effect attacks. Most notably, Razorslash Panthers (pets of the orcs) now have orcs spawn among them, rather than a vast field of nothing but panthers. These are stopgap measures as we continue to analyze looting rates and monster density scenarios
- Fixed some spawners that were incorrectly configured to respawn super fast (e.g. respawning every 5 seconds). This includes some areas of Eltibule and many areas of Kur. The outdoor respawn rate is supposed to be quite fast, but not so fast that monsters continuously respawn in your face
- Fixed some spawners that were incorrectly super:: -slow (e.g. respawning every 60 seconds instead of every 20 or 30 seconds). Most notably this affects pretty much all of outdoor Gazluk (aside from Gazluk Keep town) and much of the Ilmari Desert
- Monsters with Evasion all have a little bit more of it (5 points more across the board)
- The "strange deer" spawned during the quest "Get Crystal Samples" no longer drop loot (besides the quest item) and cannot be skinned
- Flia the fairy likes weird items and rare recipes a bit less than before (in terms of Favor received for gifts)
- Tweaked spawn rates upward slightly during kraken invasions

Fixes to Treasure Mods

- "Reconstruct restores +X Health and causes the target to take Y less damage from attacks for 10 seconds" => this mod appears on two slots, Helm and Necklace, but if you had both mods active at once, the "take less damage" portion only applied once
- "Revitalize restores +X Health and causes the target to take Y less damage from Psychic and Nature attacks for 10 seconds" => this mod appears on two slots, Hands and Feet, but if you had both mods active at once, the "take less damage" portion only applied once
- "If Strategic Thrust is used on a Vulnerable target, it deals +X damage and restores Y Health to you" => this did not restore health if the target was vulnerable
- "Strategic Thrust deals +X% damage, plus Y% more damage if the target is Vulnerable" => this did not do extra damage to vulnerable targets
- "Scintillating Frost and Scintillating Flame stun and deal +X% damage to Vulnerable targets" => this stunned but did not do extra damage to vulnerable targets
- "Hammer attacks deal +X% damage to targets whose Rage meters are at least 66% full" => this did not work
- "Seismic Impact deals +X% damage to targets that are Knocked Down" => this did not work
- "Discharging Strike deals +X% damage plus Y% more damage if target's Rage meter is at least 66% full" => this did not add more damage to targets whose rage was mostly full
- "Unarmed attacks deal +X% damage when you have 33% or less of your Armor left" => this did not work. It works now, though the damage boost is a bit lower
- "All sword abilities deal +X% damage when you have 33% or less of your Armor left" => this did not work. It works now
- "Kick attacks deal +X% damage when you have 33% or less of your Armor left" => this did not work. It works now but the damage boost is lower

"Special Settings" Changes

- The experimental optimization OptimizeMeshes is now enabled by default. You can remove OptimizeMeshesfrom your special settings list because that no longer does anything.
- A new special setting DontOptimizeMeshes is available as a precaution in case the optimize meshes feature needs to be disabled for some reason.
- Added a new special setting, FPSUpdateRate. This takes a duration in seconds (default is FPSUpdateRate=0.5, max is FPSUpdateRate=10). When the FPS display is active, this is how long it waits between refreshes. While waiting, it averages your FPS. Using a value of < 1 shows your moment:: -to:: -moment framerate, which is usually what you want to see. But sometimes you want to know if a certain graphics configuration is an overall improvement or not, and a constantly:: -changing number is hard to use. In that situation setting FPSUpdateRate=5 makes it easier to see the "big picture".
- A new special setting, MaxActiveLoads, might improve loading times when you enter new areas. Normally the loading screen tries to load up to 10 things at once, but on some computers (maybe most computers?) a different number would be better. The new setting lets you change the maximum number of simultaneous loads. Setting it to MaxActiveLoads=100 would allow up to 100 concurrent loads :: -:: - that'd be pretty much maxed out, and could speed up or slow down loading, depending on your machine. (A more practical value to try might be 5 or 20.) You might also try MaxActiveLoads=1 to make it stop multitasking at all -- this will probably be much slower, but it uses much less RAM during startup. If you experiment with this setting please let us know your thoughts after a few weeks' usage.

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This update contains a number of additions to Rahu aimed at making it more useful as a hub for high-level players. There is more to be done but this should be a big push in the right direction.

Rahu now has its own player work order board. Note that this is not connected to the Serbule work order board, so you can place your full allotment of orders on both boards simultaneously. The intent is that the Serbule work order board is for items that low-level players can obtain, and the Rahu board is for higher-level items. But there are no explicit restrictions on which items can go where, so we'll just see how things evolve.

There is a new portal on the south side of the map that connects to Gazluk. Note that this will change eventually: in the final game, Rahu is supposed to connect to a different landmass, so this portal will eventually be replaced with a connection to a different one

Daniel Murderdark has storage slots available for his friends.

Some additional resource nodes and monsters were added to Rahu, including some mining nodes in the desert itself (around the hills), and a very early version of the "prison mine" area south of town.

The idea for the mine is that it's full of mining nodes which can be harvested to obtain a wide range of minerals -- often junk, but sometimes quite rare. Prisoners wander around constantly, but they ignore you unless you get very close to them. (They have a short detection radius.) However, the prison guards are much more observant, and can bring prisoners into the fight to back them up.

All of Rahu is still a work in progress, so there's no need to report graphical issues at this time unless they're very flagrantly bad. And while the "prison mine" is definitely a work in progress, it would still be useful to hear feedback on the difficulty/reward of this area! (Especially if it's super tough, super rewarding, super boring, etc.)

Force Low-Res

If you have trouble logging a character into the game, there's now an easy way to lower the graphics settings. On the character select screen, press and hold the Ctrl key on your keyboard (on macs, the Mac key also works). This will make the "Enter World" button become "Enter World FORCE LOW-RES". Press the button and your graphics preset will be changed to the lowest level, "Retro-Terrible", and full-screen mode will be turned off. Once you log in, open the Settings window and change your graphics to the desired level.

This is a sort of replacement for the "Safe Mode" feature in the Gorgon launcher (because the launcher isn't used on Steam!). Note that FORCE LOW-RES doesn't turn off all your graphics overrides. If you manually overrode some graphics settings and FORCE LOW-RES isn't doing the trick to let you log in, a common fix is to create a new character. That's because the tutorial island (Anagoge Island) is specially set up to be low-graphics-intensive, and you will almost certainly be able to log in to the island in FORCE LOW-RES mode. Once you're on the island, you can change your graphics settings as desired, log out, and log back in with your main character.

One other thing the FORCE LOW-RES button does is disable the "Special Settings" features until you log out. So you can use FORCE LOW-RES to turn off OptimizeMeshes or other special settings if there's a problem.

(Oh, and by the way: you can also hold down the Shift key on the log in screen to log in "incognito". In incognito mode, friends won't be notified you logged in, the /who command won't include you, your guild's log won't indicate that you logged in, etc.)

Fog Changes

In outdoor areas, there are no more "partially-cleared fog" squares, as it was difficult to visually interpret.

In outdoor areas, fog is cleared in a wider radius as you move around the map.

In dungeons, the "partial fog" color is denser (that is, foggier) to make it easy to parse while still conveying useful information.

In dungeons, fog colors are normalized, removing super-bright white backgrounds that were used on some maps.

Other Changes

Enabled basic occlusion culling in Serbule Hills, since the occlusion culling in Serbule seemed to go well. As before, if there are problems you can disable occlusion culling by adding NoCull to the special settings window.

The tooltip info for spell effects now shows the name of the person or thing that cast it on you (unless it's you). A caveat: when you switch areas (or logout and log back in) with active spells on, the client no longer knows who cast those spells on you, so it can't display any caster info.

Fixed broken "wolf whistle" so that wolves spawn in the appropriate place (part of the alpha lycanthropy quest).

Added a few more entries to the "things to do" list for Anagoge Island.

Nerfed biting vines' damage.

Paul Vaughn now sells handsaws and other things vaguely pertaining to woodworking (since he's a lumberjack).

Durstin Tallow's footlocker: you could gain access to the footlocker by becoming Friends with Durstin. However due to a bug, you could actually access it immediately via the "Storage Books" bookshelf. It now works differently: you can buy access to the footlocker at any time by talking to Durstin and paying 100 Councils. You cannot access it from the Storage Books until you pay. (That bug is fixed.) Now if you reach Friends with Durstin, he gives you some power potions instead. (If you already had reached Friends with Durstin, you don't have to pay the 100 Councils.)

Fixed a dummy "Are you sure" box that could appear on the newbie island when you create your first character (or after a fresh reinstall).

Upgraded to a new bug-fix version of Unity to hopefully address some crashing issues.

Fixed issue with male Elven Armor flickering and behaving weirdly.

Fixed issues with the "OptimizeMeshes" optimization, and smoothed out the work so that it doesn't cause quite as noticeable a framerate hit when new players enter your vicinity. At this point we need more volunteers to try it out and report any problems! To use it, open the Settings window, then Special Settings, and type OptimizeMeshes into the box. Note that you need to re-login for the optimization to fully become active (and if you turn it off, you have to relog to fully deactivate it). If you have serious crashing issues and can't log in to turn it off, use the "Start in Safe Mode" option in the launcher, or the FORCE LOW-RES option (see above). This will cause the game to ignore the Special Settings box entirely, allowing you to log in and turn it off.

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Feb 28 Update

This is a small update to improve performance and stability.

Serbule Occlusion Culling

We've enabled basic occlusion culling in Serbule. (We've tried this before in previous versions of Unity but the results were not good enough; results seem better in this version.) It will modestly improve framerate in certain places (and when viewed from certain angles). It's not a huge framerate increase, but we can further improve the occlusion culling in the future; right now we're just testing out this very basic outdoor setup.
It's enabled by default. If you seem to have new crashes or weird behavior in the Serbule area, you can add the word NoCull to the Special Settings window to disable the culling. (Note that if you use NoCull, you will also disable occlusion culling in Gazluk Keep since it uses the same culling system. Other areas use a different system -- or none at all yet -- and will be unaffected.)

Super-Busy-Town Optimization

We've made an optimization that's intended to help framerates when a lot of players crowd together. When there are 15+ selectable things on-screen, the selection boxes stop being repositioned every frame. (In other words, the little box that outlines your selected target will be slower to respond to movement.)
This simple optimization generally improves framerates by several FPS in crowded areas. It's enabled by default, but you can disable it by adding the word NoSlowBoxes to the special settings window. If you do disable it, please send us feedback letting us know why! (So we can improve it in the future.)

"Auto-Adjust Quality Level" Revamp

After some tweaks, we're once again setting the "Auto-Adjust Quality Level" checkbox to "on" for new installations. (Existing installs of the game are unchanged.) This feature helps lower-end PCs find a quality level that gives good framerate, and is especially useful for computers that have good FPS in dungeons but bad FPS in outdoor areas. When your framerate is too low, it will reduce the graphics quality; if it's high it'll increase quality. It will change the quality between 'Bad' and 'Good' (and the levels in between), but not to levels below Bad or above Good. (Those are too shockingly bad and/or too memory-intensive to safely switch to.)

Other Changes

- Optimization: reduced the memory requirements when lots of players are in the same area
- Optimization: reduced the performance impact of the dynamic sky system used in Serbule and Serbule Hills
- Fixed "floating monsters" in Rahu
- Fixed bugs where error messages could get stuck on the screen when you logged out or changed areas
- Adjusted terrain to prevent faux-shadow effects at certain times of day in Serbule
- Added a note to the character creation screen that reads: "Welcome to Project: Gorgon beta! Character artwork is still in development, so when the final customization options are ready you'll be able to re-choose your character's face, body, skin, and hair. (There will also be three more races that can be unlocked through gameplay: fairy, orc, and dwarf.)"
- In the settings window, GUI tab, Chat features, there's a new option for "Hide Spoilers In Chat". It is on by default, meaning that spoilers will still work just as they did before this update. But if you hate having to click on spoiler tags to read them, you can now turn this off. Doing so will effectively "pre-click" spoilers so you can read them immediately.

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Feb 16 Update

Maps and Map-Fog

With this update, most maps now have "fog" that is cleared by exploring the map. This is an important exploration feature because it helps you know where you haven't gone yet, and for newbies, it helps by showing you where you came from. This is our first version of map fog and some zones have relatively ugly fog (with an overly bright or dark background). The visual presentation will be improved in future updates. If you find maps that are unreadable even after the fog is cleared, though, please bug-report the map in question so we don't overlook it.
As you clear this map fog, you will earn XP in a new skill called Cartography. Earning levels in Cartography does nothing right now, but in the future, this will be how you unlock map pins and other map-related stuff.
We've also added basic maps to most dungeons. (The only dungeon without a map should now be the Labyrinth dungeon, and that dungeon will get a map soon.) Note that these are rough maps and some still have miscellaneous geometry in them that isn't actually reachable. For instance, in some "cave" dungeons you can sometimes see boulders just off the map. Those boulders are not actually accessible, and if you could somehow access them, you'd just be standing on a boulder in space. These artifacts will get cleaned up over time.
The tutorial island does not have map fog, because we couldn't decide if it was too overwhelming for newbies or if it actually helped. (Your opinion is desired.) The dungeon on the newbie island DOES have map fog, however.

"Enter the Light" Changed

The "Enter the Light" room no longer has a permanent portal to Serbule. It now has portals to Serbule and Rahu that can be used once every 8 hours (each), plus a portal that takes you to a random destination.
We've said that "Enter the Light" was never meant to be a primary transit system -- just an augment to other travel systems. We left the permanent portal to Serbule during alpha for convenience, but now that alpha is ending, it's important to fix the weird messages this sends to new players. For instance, it taught players that Serbule is the most important city in the game, but in fact when all areas are implemented, we expect Serbule to just be the "newbie city." Another problem is that it teaches players that Teleportation is pointless, since you can always drink some cheap poison instead!
This version of the "Enter the Light" room is still not its final form; the final version won't be possible until Statehelm is added to the game [[[because the "Enter the Light" sewers are actually under Statehelm]]]. This version is just something that's a little less... problematic.
In the short term, this change means travel may be a bit less convenient, but we've improved the Teleportation skill to partially make up for it. (See below.) In the longer term, many other travel features, most notably horses, will improve travel times.

Teleportation Skill Changes

- All Teleportation circles can now be clicked on and used. Doing so brings up the Teleportation recipe list. (If you find a teleportation circle that can't be clicked on, please bug-report it!)
- Rewrote the spell "Recall Circle (Improvised)" to be much more useful. It now works without requiring you to be on a teleportation circle, and has simplified requirements and no pointless "you might die" side-effects
- Changed the requirements of "Bind Alternate Circle" and "Recall Alternate Circle" to be slightly more convenient to use. Slightly.
- Minor tweaks to other teleportation recipe requirements
- New recipe "Summon Portal" is learned at Teleportation 15
- Ratuk the Thinker has a new Teleportation recipe to train: "Recall Alternate Circle (Improvised)"
- New rare-drop book teaches the teleportation recipe "Summon Alternate Portal" (requires Teleportation 33). For now the only place to find it is from elites in Gazluk Keep (although even there, it is not a common drop).
- Cinnamon, the (still-not-yet-written) rabbit in Sun Vale's Animal Town, can help long-term animals teleport back to Animal Town. See Cinnamon for details

Other Change Notes

- Rahu and Animal Town now have transfer chests. These work like the Serbule transfer chest, allowing you to transfer a small number of items between characters on your account
- Fixed bugs that let non-animals use animal-specific items (and, in a few cases, vice-versa)
- Sammie Grimspine had bugs preventing her from teaching Calligraphy. It is now taught via the Training menu.
- One of Joeh's favors still gave Calligraphy XP from when he was a calligraphy teacher. It now gives Sword XP and cash.
- The "Show Vitals Bars over Monsters' Heads" feature used to be a checkbox that was either on or off: either no enemies or all enemies got vitals bars. It now has three modes: "None", "Selected Enemy Only", or "All Enemies". : For new installations of the game, this feature now defaults to Selected Enemy Only. Existing players note: for technical reasons, if you had this option enabled before, it's now set to "Selected Enemy Only", rather than "All Enemies". You can change it in the Settings window under GUI Features.
- Improved the on-screen error/info messages so that up to 4 messages can be displayed at once. (They are now only queued up if there are already 4 messages on screen.)
- Screenshot keybindings work again
- Clownfish are now level 0 fish, like crabs, so they can be picked up by anybody (without needing to collect some crabs first)
- Wild Bluebells are now level 0 Foraging items, so they can be picked up by anybody (without needing to collect apples first)
- The inventory folder that used to be unlocked by reaching Lore level 25 is now unlocked by reaching Lore level 13
- The inventory folder that used to be unlocked by reaching Shamanic Infusion 50 is now unlocked by reaching Shamanic Infusion 25
- Fixed broken "hide equipped items" button on bottom of inventory window
- Some server performance optimizations
- When the casting-bar is shown, you can now click on the icon to the left of the bar to quickly abort the casting
- The "Alpha Tester" title is no longer given to new accounts. (Alpha is almost over! "Beta Tester" title will be given out soon.)
- Durstin Tallow in South Serbule has six new favors that tie together into an overarching "quest arc"
- Worked around a design flaw in Unity 2017.2 that caused degraded performance, especially in large outdoor zones. (This should fix the slowdowns that you could temporarily "fix" by right-clicking and auto-moving to a target.)
- The game no longer shows scary "upgrading your equipment..." messages after game updates. This message was shown whenever an internal version number changed, and it usually didn't correspond to any actual changes to your equipment, so it was deemed to be pointlessly worrisome
- A note about the experimental optimization you can turn on by typing "OptimizeMeshes" into the special settings window: we're still investigating crashes when this is turned on. The crashes are caused by players transforming into animal forms. But it doesn't necessarily have to be YOU that transforms into an animal, it could be anybody around you. So anyway, if the game crashes while OptimizeMeshes is on, turn it off for now. (If it doesn't crash for you, great! It only crashes on some computers.) Further optimizations of the optimization have been postponed until it's not as crashy

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