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The Duchy of Serbule was once a prosperous land, but fell into disarray after the Duke of Serbule vanished. After the disaster at Dwyndarre, Serbule Keep was rebuilt as a refugee town for the survivors. While most of the population is Elven, some Humans remain to act upon the wishes of The Council. Retired Praetor Nelson Ballard watches over residents from the keep, while town Sheriff Sir Coth patrols.

Serbule itself is a typical Council town, with mostly wooden buildings surrounded by a stone wall. A moat wraps its way around the town, connected to a nearby lake. Six guard towers stand watch over the town, and the fortress of Serbule Keep takes up the southern end of town. There are three town gates, one to the East, and the others to the North and South.

The region of Serbule is lightly forested, with heavier forests to the northern and southern edges of the Duchy. A few lakes can be found around the town, and large mountains are visible in the distance. Council built cobblestone paths wind throughout the landscape of the region, the remains of a trade route from the Serbule Docks leading into Serbule Hills and beyond, to Sedgewick Forest.

Serbule is located around 2,000 miles from Statehelm, the capital city of the Council Lands.

Neighboring Regions

A rocky island few have reason to travel to, ocean currents and storms keep most away.
Serbule Hills
Serbule Hills, found south of Serbule, is a hilly region known for its large lakes.
Eltibule, reached by traveling north from Serbule, was once another Council Duchy, now dealing with a Goblin problem.
Sun Vale
An island chain on the Verta border, this remote landmass is known as a place for Druids to gather.

Points of Interest

Serbule Keep

Serbule Keep is the only town in the Serbule region, hastily constructed by the Council Corps of Engineers after the destruction of Dwyndarre. For travelers, it is an ideal place to rest, restock on supplies, and sell goods.


To the west of Serbule Keep, Elves Ivyn and Jara maintain a small farm, where they grow crops to provide for the townsfolk. A smaller garden, with easier access to a water source, exists within the town.

Northern Woods

The Northern Woods of the Serbule region are home to a variety of wild beasts. Unprotected by the walls of town, a few lone houses can be found here. The Mantis couple Azalak and Zeratak are known inhabitants. Through the woods, the path (portal) to the hills of Eltibule can be found.

The Docks

Before the Goblins started their raids to the south, the Serbule Dock was once a small, but busy port. Now, only a few merchants are willing to moor there. Combined with the closure of Verta, these merchants are known for offering rides to other neighboring lands.

Adventurers looking for exotic fruits may try and seek passage to Sun Vale.

Red Crystal

A large mysterious crystal sprouting from the ground north of Serbule Keep. It appears to be made from the same material as the Rubywall Crystals, and the Council's own Rubywalls.

The Giant of Serbule

One of the defining features of the Serbule region, this humanoid statue depicts a hooded figure. While only the hands and face rest above ground, rumors suggest that the entire statue exists, but buried. Some say that it was once a living giant petrified by a Gorgon, while other locals insist The Council constructed it for unknown purposes.

When an explorer found the entrance to a dungeon near the statue's left hand, it was humorously named the Carpal Tunnels.

Giant Mushrooms

The Northwest hills of Serbule are home to giant mushrooms. Their existence is considered a mystery by most of Serbule Keep's townsfolk, although local Mycologist Mushroom Jack is convinced they're part of an invasion force.

Teleportation Circles

There are 4 Council constructed Teleportation Circles in the Serbule region.

There is a mushroom circle directly east of Serbule Keep.

Meditation Pillars

There are 5 Meditation Pillars in the Serbule region. The provided Meditation Combos are:

  • Punchmaster - Outside of the town garden near Echur.
  • Crowd Surprise - In the northeast, directly outside the entrance to Borghild.
  • Kicker - Along the path going west from the northern bridge into town.
  • Breather - On a hill above the left hand of the giant statue.
  • Crushing Cobra - Found in the northwest near the entrance to the Brain Bug Cave.



Borghild, once known as the Deathrap Dungeon is accessed through the giant gate in the northeast past of Serbule. Look for a crack on the left side of the door to get in. The ownership of Borghild fortress has changed hands many times over the past fifteen centuries, when the Dwarves first constructed it. All sorts of Undead have inhabited it since. Twenty years ago, the last Duke of Serbule entered the tomb, and was never heard from again.

This fortress should only be attempted by experienced adventurers, able to counter both Undead and Incorporeal Creatures.

Brain Bug Cave

Brain Bug Cave is a secluded cave in the northern hills of the Serbule region. Rumors suggest that Dalvos spent some time here, as his creations still roam the cave.

jars can sometimes be found on the ground, remnants of his mad alchemical experiments.

Crystal Cavern

Crystal Cavern, also known as the "creepy crystal cave" or the "caves under Serbule", is a small cave that lies beneath the giant red crystal found north of Serbule Keep. This area can be deadly for low level adventurers due to the poison stacking caused by the creatures found there. Although residents of the region mention that the appearance of the giant Rubywall Crystal above-ground is a recent event, it is unclear if the cave existed previously to that event.

Myconian Cave

A hidden sanctuary for Myconian, this subterranean cave system is home to mushrooms and other fungoid foes. Only travelers with a basic understanding of the Myconic language will be granted passage into the Myconian Cave.

Serbule Crypt

The Serbule Crypt is a tomb inhabited by a variety of low-level naturally-occurring Undead, although the further from the entrance an adventurer explores, the stronger they become. The turbulent history of the Serbuleregion has left its mark on the crypt, with at least one powerful undead-mage binding itself and its minions to the site. Occasionally, locals may instead refer to the crypt using the name of the mage, warning travelers to avoid Khyrulek's Crypt. However, the presence of undead brings with it supplies, sorely needed by the Elven refuges from Dwyndarre housed in the quickly constructed town of Serbule Keep.

Serbule Sewers

Serbule Sewers is a small dungeon infested with rats and spiders. Built by Council Engineers to handle waste from Serbule Keep's new population of refugee elves, this half finished project has become home to many cave-dwelling species. Mushrooms grow on the damp walls and floors, which can be harvested for Myconic experience. A partially gated-off portion of the Sewers is populated by dinosaurs and slimes.

Carpal Tunnels

Carpal Tunnels, once known as "Under the Hand," is a dungeon in Serbule that earns its name due to the large stone rock hand the dungeon can be found under. The stone hand is actually part of a mostly burred stone statue, of which the head and the other hand can be seen protruding from the land. Some locals believe the statue is actually a petrified Giant, later carved into the shape of a Council member. Still, others believe that most of the dungeon remains hidden, home to a variety of Council storerooms containing much needed supplies.

Serbule Inhabitants

Friendly NPCs

Serbule Keep NPCs

  • Elsie, Bessie, Jammy, Wanda (Cows) Hint

Event NPCs

Friendly NPCs in Serbule Dungeons


Special Foes








Minerals & Metal


Serbule has been host to many events over the years.

Halloween 2014

During Halloween 2014, a Necromancer attempted to invade Serbule Keep.

Halloween 2015

During Halloween 2015, one of the Magical Alters in Serbule Keep was transformed into a Necromantic alter, summoning all kinds of devious undead creatures.

Halloween 2016

In Halloween 2016, the Magical Alter once again malfunctioned, and undead poured forth into the town.

Halloween 2017

During Halloween 2017, Zhia Lian tasked a number of quests to willing participants.

Halloween 2018

During Halloween 2018, Zhia Lian tasked a number of quests to willing participants.

Halloween 2019

During Halloween 2019, Zhia Lian tasked a number of quests to willing participants.